Have some fun this fall by using unexpected materials to make a festive DIY wreath. Take a look around your house, garden, or garage for ideas. Who knows what might provide the inspiration for a decorative front door or mantel adornment? If you are craving some out-of-the-box ideas, have a look at these DIY fall wreaths made from unexpected materials.

By Stephanie Rose

1. Copper Pipe

Hit the hardware store and fashion up some copper pipe and corner fittings for an industrial take on fall. Lindi shows us how to cut the pipes and glue them together on Love Create Celebrate.

2. Pot Scrubbers

If you want to make a copper wreath but save a few bucks on materials, this copper pot scrubber wreath may be just the decor for you. Its simplicity will keep everyone guessing its materials. See how it was put together over at Life is a Party.

3. Wood Frame

A wreath doesn't need to be a wreath at all, particularly when it's a wood-framed chalkboard that welcomes fall with just as much celebration. Plus, you can change out the message to suit the occasion, be it a holiday or a dinner menu. See more fall decorating ideas from Lilacs and Longhorns.

4. Argyle Sweater Succulents

Bring out those warm wool sweaters and make this wreath! The succulents on this grapevine wreath were made from felted sweaters, and it's just cozy enough to warm up to fall. See how to make this argyle sweater succulent wreath on Garden Therapy.

5. Air Plants

This living wreath with air plants (Tillandsia) is accented by dried seed heads and foliage that make it part fall decoration and part indoor plant. The Etsy shop Eucca suggests watering the air plant wreath one or two times per week and keeping the wreath in bright indirect sunlight. Also see: Liven Up Your Home with These Cool Ways to Style Air Plants.

6. Fall Florals

This combination of greenery, a wooden embroidery hoop, and velvet ribbon perfectly signals the change of seasons. Ariel from PMQ for Two stained the embroidery hoop, transforming a common crafts material into something much more chic.

7. Split Peas

This wreath design is striking and clean even though it's made from soup ingredients. Gluing split peas to a wreath form opens up a world of possibilities -- beans, lentils, coffee beans, and more would make a fabulous fall wreath. See the how-to from Love of Family and Home.

8. Dried Hydrangeas

Fall is often about pinecones, pumpkins, wheat, and corn, but dried flowers can provide a different color palette. Muted purple, pink, and green are a romantic version of fall for those who want to bring a little of the outdoors inside. See how to dry hydrangeas and retain their color and make this pretty wreath over at Garden Therapy.

9. Antlers

An antler tied with ribbon and fall-hue silk flowers makes the perfect transition from summer to fall. This nontraditional fall wreath from Twelve on Main is simple and rustic, yet it takes on elegance when styled on the front door.

10. Pistachio Shells

In a nutshell, this is one of my favorite wreaths. It takes some patience to put together, however, as each of these detailed flowers is made from pistachio shells. You should have plenty of energy from snacking on all those nuts, though! See how Jennifer made this one at Three Dogs in a Garden.

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