Your Ultimate Guide to Painting

Get your painting job done right with our tips, tricks, and techniques. Learn to paint your walls, furniture, and more!

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All About Painters Tape

Learn how to properly apply and remove painters tape—plus prevent annoying paint seepage.
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How to Paint Anything

This is your go-to guide for painting absolutely anything. Start looking around for ways to amp up your home with color! Using a variety of applications, you can add new color to almost any surface—and give yourself new furnishings for just the cost of the paint and elbow grease. We'll walk you through how to paint anything in your house, from ceiling to floor.
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DIY Paint Projects for Your Home

Have the itch to paint? Get inspired and try one of these paint project ideas to personalize your home and update your decor.
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Paint Techniques We Love

Step up your painting game with these 10 techniques that will introduce color, pattern, and style to your home's decor.
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Your Guide to Painting Tools

The best way to ensure success when painting is to use the right tools. They will save you time and effort and reduce frustration. Select the tools that feel right in your hand and purchase the best quality you can afford; they will see you through years of successful painting projects.
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Did You Know You Can Do This With Spray Paint?

Haven't visited the spray paint aisle in awhile? You'll want to plan a trip ASAP. With a rainbow of paint colors and types (yup, there's even chalkboard spray paint), the project ideas are almost endless. Now, get inspired, go forth, and spray paint.
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