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Step up your painting game with these 10 techniques that will introduce color, pattern, and style to your home's decor.

Paint Technique: Geometric Stamping

Put your own unique stamp on walls with this fun technique. This pattern looks like a series of triangles, but it's really achieved by a series of overlapping diamonds. Click the link below to get step-by-step instructions with photos.

Make your own stamps with vegetable. Here's how to make them and how to use them to add playful patterns to fabric.

Paint Technique: Veggie Stamping

Vegetables are for more than just eating. Turn vegetables such as celery and bok choy into stamps and create a bounty of painted patterns.

Paint Technique: Watercolor Bubbles

Create whimsical art with this technique that involves watercolor, dish soap, and drinking straws.

Paint Technique: Color Washing

Take a light-handed approach to color with a washing technique that uses only a little bit of paint to create an ethereal finish.

Customize a plain terra-cotta pot with a paint dipping technique that's easy and a quick way to turn a basic piece into a trendy accessory for your home.

Paint Technique: Dipped Finish

Dipped-dyed accessories are everywhere. Get on this trend with this DIY technique you can use on terra-cotta pots, vases, and more.

Paint Technique: Distressing

Give a new piece of furniture an aged appearance with this easy distressing technique, which involves two colors of paint and sanding.

Paint Technique: Marbleizing

Swirl it up with marbleizing. This technique is completed on paper, but with a few easy-to-access resources, you can turn your patterns into fun home accessories. We took our papers to a copy shop and had them printed on canvases to create a wall montage. For the pillows, we uploaded the design to Spoonflower, ordered fabric printed with the design, and sewed it into pillow covers.

Paint Technique: Whitewashing

Capture cottage charm with whitewashing. We used the technique to give new floors instant patina.

A can of spray paint can transform almost any object. Here's how to spray paint and add fresh color to your decor.

Paint Technique: Spray Painting

When you know how to spray-paint, you can conquer a vast number of DIY projects. Watch this video to learn the secrets to success, and spray on!

Paint Technique: Stripes

Stripes are perfect for kid rooms, family rooms, and more. Use just two colors or a whole rainbow, stick with one width or make it random, or run the stripes vertically or horizontally. With almost endless combinations, you can create a customized look with just paint and painter's tape.

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