Awesome Wall Paint Ideas for Every Room

Jazz up boring walls with a little pattern and panache. These five techniques are sure to do the trick.

Partially Stenciled

Instead of stenciling a full wall, try stenciling just a section. Here, a herringbone stripe painted on the wall behind the sofa does the eye-catching trick. The tone-on-tone pattern is subtle, but striking.  

Stencil your walls for an easy decorating update. Here's how to stencil and bring pattern to your walls.

Allover Stenciling

If you want to make a bigger commitment, go for allover stenciling. Tone-on-tone stenciling is a sophisticated approach, but if you're going for bold, make sure your colors aren't too similar. Look at a paint strip and choose colors that have one or two shades between them. 

Tip: Take a trip to The Home Depot and look at paint chips from PPG and Glidden for ideas and inspiration. When selecting your colors, choose hues that have one or two shades between them.


Wall Mural

Introduce a touch of whimsy with a wall mural. For a fresh and up-to-date look, keep it simple. A sparse, two-color birch forest design does the trick in this room. 

Stamped Walls

Take stamping to a larger scale by stamping a design on your walls. We created this geometric design with stamps made from crafts foam. 

Accent Wall

Draw notice to the wall behind your vanity in your bathroom, desk in your office, or bed in your bedroom. In this bathroom, a stamped herringbone pattern creates modern appeal, while the faded finish appears whitewashed and casual.


  1. It’s so nice to see walls painted in bright, cheerful colours rather than depressing, bland neutrals.

  2. Wow, in first picture yellow color is looking so nice. My home office is yellow too. Thanks for your picture it gave me idea to paint book shelf, right now it is black, which is not looking good at all.

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