Get your paintbrushes ready! This summer, Joanna Gaines launches her new chalk-style paint line that will help you redo furniture and home decor like a pro.

Fans of Fixer Upper designer Joanna Gaines are counting the days until the launch of her Magnolia Home chalk-style paint collection she created in partnership with KILZ® brand for transforming furniture and home decor. Joanna's signature modern farmhouse look has inspired fans across the country to roll up their sleeves and refresh furniture, flea market finds, and home decor items with paint.

This summer, it will be even easier to get that popular farmhouse furniture look with the launch of Joanna's chalk-style paint.

The Paint Finish


Whether reclaiming, refinishing, or remodeling, you can transform furniture and home decor with beautiful chalk-finish paints. Chalk-finish paints add color, create an aged appearance, and can be easily distressed to add history and character with little preparation. Joanna's Magnolia Home chalk-style paint has a creamy, fast-drying formula with a rich ultramatte finish that DIYers will fall in love with.

Better yet, Joanna's chalk-style paint is a low-VOC formula. It is a rich, smooth, concentrated paint that provides excellent coverage of up to 100 square feet per quart with two coats.

Joanna's Signature 44 Colors


Joanna picked 44 of the most popular colors from her Magnolia Home Paint interior line for her chalk-style paint collection. They are some of the most versatile colors for transforming furniture and home decor. Fan-favorite colors include Joanna's signature Shiplap white, a soft muted green called Americana Egg, and a dreamy shade of blue Joanna named It Is Well.

Where to Get It


Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Chalk Style Paint will be available in quart-size containers this summer on Joanna's online store, Magnolia Market. Joanna also announced that Westlake Ace Hardware stores will also carry her Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines interior paint line.

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June 30, 2018
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