Living Room Paint Ideas

Personalize a Pillow (in 30 minutes)
Paint isn't just for walls, as this DIY project-filled living room shows. Check out these easy paint spruce-ups, including the curtains, the table, the pillows, and the chair. Give one or all nine a whirl in your space.

Two-Tone Wall Color

Why settle for one wall color when you can have two? Paint the bottom two-thirds of your wall a medium blue and drench the top one-third in a lighter blue. To conceal the transition, cover the converging line with chair-rail trim painted the lighter hue. For a more cohesive look, be sure both paints are of equal sheen. Too much of a contrast could be distracting. 

Painting is one of the easiest ways to bring color to your decor. Here's how to paint a room like a pro.

How to Paint a Room

Watch and see how to paint a room like a pro, every time.


Painted Curtains

To create this shapely teal design on crisp white drapery panels, trace desired shapes (click on the link below to get the patterns) onto cardboard and cut out. We used two sizes of diamond shapes and one football shape. Iron the drapery panels and lay flat on a protected work surface. Position the first shape at the bottom left corner of one panel. Trace around the shape using an artist's brush and slightly watered-down teal blue paint. Place a second shape above the first and trace with paint. Keep alternating shapes to the top of the panel, then begin another row next to the first. For an organic look, let your brushstrokes be imperfect.

Sunny Pillow

Using painter's tape on a white pillow cover, tape a large asterisk off-center, then add short angled pieces to create a hexagon and a star. Paint the surface with yellow fabric paint, removing the tape while the paint is still tacky. Heat-set the paint according to the manufacturer's instructions.

We also gave the chair cushion a little facelift with a herringbone pattern.

Spruced-Up and Stenciled

Mimic a chic table runner by stenciling a patterned stripe on a coffee table. We watered down our paint slightly to allow some wood grain and texture to show. Sand lightly when dry, and apply a clear sealer or wax coating.

Bowled Over

Embellish a wood bowl by spray-painting the outside with pearly white paint. Let dry. Tape off four straight lines of varying widths inside the bowl, and use four colors to paint between the tape. Let dry, then remove tape. (Note: Painted bowl is for decoration only.)

Customized Pillows

For the ombre-style pillow, we achieved a watercolor look by dampening a pillow cover before painting it. Using Annie Sloan chalk paint and working freehand, paint a blue chevron stripe at the bottom of the damp cover. Add a teal stripe above it. Dilute the blue and teal paints with white paint as desired, then repeat stripes up the pillow.

For the leaf pillow, draw your design using a black fabric marker; let dry. Dampen leaf areas and paint, allowing some paint to bleed outside the lines. Heat-set paint according to manufacturer's instructions.


Paint-by-Number Chair

Our thrift store chair was a dated eyesore until we overhauled the upholstery and frame with paint and an eye-popping design. That's right; no reupholstery needed! Achieve this look with chalk paint, paint pens, and a bit of sanding. A clear wax coating makes your work safe to sit upon. 

Monogrammed Pillow

We couldn't resist the colorful tassels on this dusty blue accent pillow, but the real personal touch is the modern monogram created with dimensional paint. Trace and cut a monogram onto contact paper. Press paper to pillow and dot paint along the border. Cluster dots closer together along the letter, and let them spread out as you move further away. 

Put your personalized stamp on a plain pillow with this easy monogramming technique starring paint.

Watch How It's Done!

See the step-by-step for this easy pillow project and how you can master the technique.

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