How to Make a Frosted Glass Vase

Give a plain glass vase a custom look with tape and frosted spray paint.

Give a plain vase a custom look with tape and frosted glass paint.

Opt out of messy etching creams and complex stenciling—there's an easier way to get the frosted-glass look. All you need is special frosted-glass spray paint, which you can purchase at home improvement stores or online. Simple strips of tape mask out a design and, when peeled off, offer a glimpse of what's inside. Make a frosted-glass vase to display on your table or give as a gift today!

What You'll Need

  • Plain glass vase
  • Automotive striping tape
  • Scissors
  • Stickers in different shapes (optional)
  • Frosted-glass spray paint

Step 1: Choose a Vase

This project is a great for giving an old vase a fresh look, but you can also try it on any glass container. A cheap thrift store or flea market find would be an excellent candidate. Wash and rinse the vase thoroughly before spray-painting to ensure a clean, smooth application.

Step 2: Mark Out Your Design

We used quarter-inch automotive tape to mask out a design. For an organic look that resembles blades of grass, cut the tape into strips of varying lengths (about 1–6 inches long). Press tape strips to the bottom edge of the vase. Arrange them at random heights and imperfect spacing. Feel free to experiment with other designs, too! We used insect-shape stickers to decorate one of our vases, but you could try other animals, stars, dot stickers, and more.

Step 3: Spray-Paint

Spray the vase evenly with frosted-glass paint. We used Krylon Frosted Glass Finish spray paint, but any brand will work. Always work in a well-ventilated area when using spray paint. Wait for the paint to dry fully according to package directions, then remove the tape. Now you're left with a clear design in the areas you marked off!

More Ways to Decorate a Vase

Still have more vases around the house? Resist-print with rubber cement, go for glittery, or try a nautical wrapped-rope design!


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