Concrete Painting Project: Faux Floorcloth

Give bare concrete a chance to "wow" with a painted faux floorcloth. A Better Homes and Gardens reader created the project in her own backyard and here's how she did it.

Jan Enright, a BHG reader, painted a design that resembles a floorcloth on a concrete slab outside her home. Her project appeared on the "I Did It" page of the magazine.

What You Need: Painter's tape Paint roller White concrete porch paint 1-inch-wide paintbrush 3-inch-wide paintbrush Acrylic paints 1/2-inch stencil dauber brush Stencils Clear satin concrete sealer

Step-by-Step: Before you start painting, plan your floorcloth design on paper. Measure the size of the area you want to paint and scale the design dimensions of your concrete surface, working your way into the center.

Clean concrete by spraying it with a garden hose fitted with a high-pressure nozzle. If necessary, scrub the concrete with an eco-friendly cleanser, such as Simple Green Concrete & Driveway Cleaner, which won¿t harm plants or soil.

Mark the outer edges of where you'll paint the design with painter's tape. Use a paint roller to apply two coats of white concrete porch paint, according to the manufacturer's instructions. These coats of paint will act as a primer.

Mark color bands and blocks from your design with painter¿s tape. Keep in mind you won¿t be able to tape the entire design at once because the tape will cover areas you¿ll be painting. Start at the outer edges and work toward the center.

Paint each section with the colors of your choice, allowing the paint to fully dry before applying tape for next section.

If desired, add blocks of color in the center of each square, set on the diagonal. Use stencils to add pattern to these blocks and the borders.

When finished, use a paint roller to apply two coats of concrete sealer, according to the manufacturer¿s instructions.


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