How to Paint: The Ultimate Guide to Painting

Your Guide to Painting: Choosing Color
Paint has the ability to transform a room, a piece of furniture, and so much more. Watch our Ultimate Guide to Painting videos to see how to paint like a pro. Learn how to choose the right paint and tools and how to prepare your surface. Discover tricks that make painting more efficient and easier. Plus, see how to make cleanup a breeze and how to choose the right paint color.

How to Choose the Right Paint - Generic

How to Choose the Right Paint

Start your painting job by choosing the perfect paint. Learn about different types of paint and finishes, and discover what will work best for your paint project.

Find our what tools you should have handy for your next painting project.

Painting Tools

Stock your toolbox with these handy implements when setting out on a paint project.

Before the paint goes on the walls, learn what tools you'll need to do the job right.

Get Ready

Before you open a can of paint, learn how to prep the work surface and what steps you need to take to guarantee superb results.

Before you start, learn these techniques for a perfect paint job.

Starting Your Paint Job

Follow these steps and tricks to help make your paint job successful.

Now that the job is done, make clean-up easy with these cleaning tips.

Paint Cleanup

Now that the job is done, see how to make cleanup a breeze.

Paint is for more than just walls. Discover what else you can do with paint and learn the tricks to using paint to spruce up doors, furniture and more.

How to Paint Anything

Paint isn't just for walls. Try it out on any number of surfaces. Here's what you need to know.

Painting furniture gives an old piece a new look. Here's how to paint furniture and get great results.

Painting Furniture

Adding a fresh coat of paint to a piece of furniture will give it personality and spark. Watch these step-by-step instructions to learn how.

Get expert advice on how to choose the right color for your next painting project.

Choosing Color

Painting is more than just a technique. Selecting the right paint color is also part of the process. Demystify the process of choosing paint colors with these tips.

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