5 Must-Know Paint Hacks

Never spill or splatter your paint again with these genius tips and tricks for interior painting.

What You Need to Know

Paint Cans
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Painting can be a messy job without the proper skills and tools. Cleanup is the worst, the paint never stays where you need it, and straight lines don't come without time-consuming tape peeling. If interior painting is your worst nightmare, you're in luck. We have just the tips you need for a successful paint project.

Tip 1

New paint rollers leave loose bits of fluff behind, and old rollers collect dust between uses. Eliminate these streak-causing conditions by lint-rolling your paint roller before each use. The sticky, disposable paper attracts residue and fuzz, leaving your roller fluffy, fresh, and ready for paint.

Tip 2

Paint trays can be a pain to clean up. They take forever to rinse out, and you waste so much paint! Instead, line your paint tray with aluminum foil. When you're done painting, you can easily pour excess paint back into the can, then throw away the foil, leaving a clean pan behind!

Tip 3

Removing hardware can be a daunting and sometimes impossible task. Try this neat trick instead! Apply a heavy coat of petroleum jelly to screws, hinges, and other details you don't want painted to deter paint from adhering to their surfaces. When you're finished painting, simply wipe the petroleum jelly away.

Tip 4

When dipping a paintbrush into a can of paint, it's commonplace to wipe excess paint on the rim of the can. However, this leaves paint in the tiny crevice that the can lid has to go in. This can lead to splattered paint when the lid is resealed or the possibility that the lid won't seal properly because of paint buildup. Avoid these complications by placing a rubber band across the top of the paint can. Wipe off paint on the rubber band to allow excess paint to drip right back into the can.

Tip 5

Using painters tape to keep even lines is a well-known painting hack, but removing the tape is another story. Avoid peeling off tape in chunks or smudging wet paint by removing the tape at an angle. This will help achieve a crisp line in a single motion.

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