How to Paint

Learn great techniques for painting hot metallic finishes.

Hollywood Glitz

Transform a clear glass vase with shiny paint. Wash it in hot soapy water, rinse well, and let dry thoroughly. Use adhesive-backed paper or painter's tape to mask off a design. Apply a metallic paint formulated for glass (we used chrome spray). When it's dry, carefully remove the paper or tape.

Silver Sidekick

Transform a small table into a high-style accent with hammered-silver spray paint. Start with a coat of gray primer and then add one or two coats of silver. The look is as impressive as an expensive mirrored table but at a fraction of the cost. For a conversation piece, you might also paint a chair a sensual shade of aubergine and cover the seat with metallic patterned fabric.

Luxury Lighting

Add beautiful metallic color to a drum shade with satin ribbon. Vary the widths for interest, securing the bands with double-stick tape. (Glue will bleed through the ribbon.) Add luster to the inside of the shade by rubbing on gold metallic paste, using a soft cloth to apply it.

Tailored Jackets

Feel free to judge these books by their covers. Exquisite handmade papers make our journals more than just a good read. Remove the existing jackets and use them for your patterns. Cut the paper to size and then replace the original jacket with the new cover for an elegant display.

Artistic Tiles

When you're embellishing home furnishings with metallics, reserve some of the leftover product to make artful tiles. Cut lumber into 7½×8-inch pieces. Apply metallic faux finishes to some blocks, and cover others with wallpaper.

Hardware Uupdate

Don't toss out your drapery rods and finials every time you redecorate. Quickly transform them with metallics. We covered one with gold cording, a second with copper leaf, and a third with rub-on color.

Beautiful Boxes

For gifting or for storage, cover boxes of all sizes with wallpaper scraps. Use decoupage medium or the strongest wallpaper adhesive available to mount the papers to the boxes.

Gold Rush

Strike it rich with this easy centerpiece, crafted from a discount-store basket and quarry rock. Medium-size river stones coated with silver, gold, and copper leaf look fabulous in a wire bowl sprayed with bronze metallic paint

Fit for a Queen

One lone chair spotted at an antiques shop for $40 gets a new look with bronze spray paint and metallic-thread fabric.

A Work of Art

This metallic headboard is a perfect decorating solution for any bedroom with its soothing colors and fresh, dynamic design. Simply cut it from medium-density fiberboard (MDF), adding recessed niches for style.

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