Accent a wall or the backs of bookcases with this easy three-step paint treatment. Although it looks rich, it is fairly smooth so it's easy to paint over if you tire of the look.

Updated February 17, 2017

We used a strie brush for this decorative paint treatment; you can use any old brush. Fine, closely spaced bristles equal finer stripes. The farther apart your paint colors are in tone, the more noticeable the strie pattern will be. Test colors and techniques on a piece of cardboard before committing to your walls.

What You Need

  • Semigloss paint (we used yellow-green and forest green)
  • Decorator's glaze
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint roller
  • Strie brush
  • Cotton rag

Step 1

Paint a base coat of semigloss yellow-green on the wall (first protect surrounding areas with painter's tape). Let dry.

Step 2

Mix forest green paint and decorator's glaze in a ratio of 1 part paint to 4 parts glaze. Cut in the mixture with a brush, then roll on in 4-foot-wide sections (the mixture needs to be wet for the next step).

Step 3

Drag a brush vertically through the glaze mixture, working from top to bottom. After each pass, wipe the brush on a damp cloth. Slightly overlap the passes. Roll the glaze mixture onto the next 4-foot-wide section and continue dragging the brush.


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