Give your decorating a punch with a dose of trendy pattern. Here's how to paint a chevron pattern on your walls.


-- Paint in two colors

-- Roller brush

-- Yardstick

-- Ruler

-- Pencil

-- Painter's tape

-- Crafts knife

-- Level

-- Crafts brush

Step 1

Paint the wall with a base color and let it dry. Use a yardstick to determine the width and length for your chevron stripes. (This chevron has stripes 12 inches wide and 30 inches long from peak to each end on a 7-1/2x8 foot wall.)

Step 2

Decide where you want the chevron's peak at the top of the wall; mark this as point A. Measure down the width of a stripe with a ruler and mark point B; use the level to ensure the marks are vertically aligned. Measure the length of a stripe from the peak to the edge of the wall and mark point C. From that mark, measure down the width of a stripe to mark point D. Use painter's tape to connect points A and C, and points B and D. Cut the tape with a crafts knife to create sharp corners. Tip: Mark the wall from the top of the wall to the bottom for one side of the chevron, then move to the other side.

Step 3

With a small roller brush, paint on the stripe color. Use only a small amount of paint on the roller to prevent paint from seeping under the tape.

Step 4

When the paint is dry, slowly pull off the tape. Use a small crafts brush to make touch-ups.

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