Your home deserves a bit of sparkle and shine. For a dramatic look, try these high-gloss paint ideas. They're guaranteed to pump up light and add some sheen to any space.

By Bri Levandowski
May 19, 2017
High Gloss Paint

Traditionally lacquer gave walls, furniture, and wood a colorful sheen and durable finish. Until recently, it was impossible to get the same luster without resorting to lacquer's expensive, time-consuming application process. However, today's paints let you reproduce the look with minimal time, skill, and cost. High-gloss paint can easily be used all over the house to make your home look and feel more luxe.

1. Walls

Glossy Paint
Credit: Lowengart- San Francisco- family room

Nothing says sophistication quite like the glossy look of a painted-green sunroom. From molding to floorboards, every surface has a smooth, lacquerlike finish and an upscale appearance. Even the inside of the bookshelf received a couple coats of high-gloss paint.

2. Doors

High Gloss Paint

Greet guests with major style! Colorful doors will definitely do the trick, but a high-gloss finish, like the one featured here, on both the front and vestibule doors will seriously wow friends and family. Your home will be the envy of the neighborhood.

3. Furniture

High Gloss Paint

Glossy furniture serves dual purposes. The first is good looks: These high-gloss chairs are showstoppers at a contrasting midcentury modern table. The second purpose is ease of cleaning. High-gloss paint is less likely to absorb stains, making messes a breeze to clean up.

4. Ceilings


The shine of this ceiling isn't just from the crystal chandeliers! A coat or two of brassy high-gloss paint allows light to shine even brighter in its reflection. The finish allows even a small, dark room to appear loftier.

5. Floors

High Gloss Paint

Nothing cleans easier outdoors than the smooth surface of a glossy wood deck. The special outdoor paint finish protects the wood from simple messes as well as water damage from inevitable showers by keeping anything from soaking in. Your porch deserves the splash of color (and protection!) just as much as your indoor materials.

Tips for a High-Gloss Look

Glossy Paint
Credit: Lowengart- San Francisco- wet bar

If you've always enjoyed dark colors, high-gloss paint is the way to go. The sheen provided by the lacquerlike finish will make even a charcoal wall or navy butler's pantry feel light and vibrant, while a flat finish could make a room overwhelming. Remember that high-gloss paint will reveal any imperfections, so be sure to do the prep work and totally smooth down your surface before painting. For a seamless look, go floor to ceiling with the glossy finish, being sure to reach trim above and below.

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