Painted Gingham

Add a quick punch of style to a bedroom with a fabric-covered look. Don't worry if your painting technique isn't perfect -- subtle flaws just add to the charm.

What You Need:

This charming pattern is simple to create.
  • Satin or semigloss acrylic paint in 2 shades of blue
  • Decorator's wall glaze
  • Paint tray and roller
  • Painter's tape
  • Paintbrush
  • Squeegee
  • Crafts knife
  • Ruler
  • Clean, damp rags


1. Cut notches 1/2 inch apart in the squeegee, using the crafts knife.

2. Paint the entire wall with the darker paint. Let dry.

3. Tape off a 4-foot-square section of wall. Start in a corner. Tape off any moldings on that part of the wall as well.

Photo 1

4. Add glaze to wall. Mix 5 parts glaze with 1 part lighter-color paint. Roll glaze mixture on section, as shown in Photo 1.

Photo 2

5. Fill in remaining edges with a paintbrush, as shown in Photo 2.

Photo 3

6. Use squeegee to make pattern. While glaze is still wet, start at the top of the section and pull squeegee down the wall to make vertical stripes, as shown in Photo 3. (Start the first row of the first section in a corner, to ensure a straight line.) Wipe off squeegee with a rag. Repeat across the section, working quickly.

Photo 4

7. Immediately pull the squeegee across the section to make horizontal stripes, starting at the top of the wall, as shown in Photo 4.

8. Remove painter's tape.

9. Repeat Steps 3 to 6 across wall, working over wet edge in adjacent section.


  • Because a strong pattern can overwhelm a room, this design works best under a chair rail or on a small section of the room.
  • This technique will work best on walls with few interruptions (such as windows and doors) to work around.
  • Try other color combinations, such as red and white, for bolder style.
  • Protect floors with a drop cloth taped to the base molding.


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