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A self-taught organizer uses simple strategies to stay on top of clutter in her busy household of eight.

Missy Callaghan is the first to admit that she wasn't born with the well-tuned organizational skills she uses today to keep her Tampa household stylish and in order. Smart storage solutions were a must-have for her and husband Phil as their family grew to include six sons, with ages ranging from early elementary to late teens.

blue love seat with blue oval mirror
Jessica Glynn

Missy's successful storage strategies revolve around working with daily habits, rather than against them. Missy converted a room just off the mudroom into a homework and project space, so as the children come in from school, they can drop their bags and get started on their nightly to-do lists. She introduced drawer storage and a crafts caddy as a table centerpiece. The divided wooden tote corrals crafts supplies and is easy to carry to other areas.

Wall Color Silvermist, Sherwin-Williams

Bench Color Grizzle Gray, Sherwin-Williams

Three sets of wide drawers on casters near the homework table are labeled by family member and supply category. Wood shelves store extra toys and supplies that don't fit in the drawers below. Two different wall textures (brick and shiplap) come together seamlessly with wall paint.

white board wall
Jessica Glynn

Missy framed a large segment of wall in the laundry room with molding to create a jumbo-size bulletin board. Labeled folders act as personal organizers, keeping upcoming event flyers handy.

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open floor plan
Jessica Glynn

The open living area, including the kitchen, living room and dining room, is broken up into zones with smart furniture and lighting placement. Large metal light fixtures and a natural rug define the dining area. The living room follows the direction of the sofa with layers of color and pattern.

kitchen with leather barstools
Jessica Glynn

An extra-long island features a deep overhang that accommodates seating beneath. It was important to Missy that the whole family could gather and work together in the kitchen. The streamlined stool design maximizes seating—and family togetherness.

pantry storage cubbies
Jessica Glynn

Mudroom lockers provide personalized hanging space, shelves, boxes, drawers, and device-charging spots for each family member. Even the family dogs have a spot for their leashes. Regular upkeep is a crucial component to Missy's recipe for clutter-free living.

Boys attic Bedroom
Jessica Glynn

A spacious dorm-style bedroom optimizes space in the home's renovated attic. The shared sleep space includes a new bathroom and houses three of the six boys, with an extra bed for sleepovers. The beds are on wheels for easy rearranging and deep vaccuuming.

attic room with game table
Jessica Glynn

A compact table and chairs tuck into one corner of the attic bedroom, serving as the perfect spot for the boys to gather for games, snacks, or homework. Black and silver give the furniture a streamlined and modern look; a lime green shag rug is both mature and fun.

bathroom vanity
Jessica Glynn

Shiplap walls extend into the shared bath and lend seafaring charm. A ship portal mirror opens to reveal a medicine cabinet. Galvanized metal pegboards host metal toiletry baskets.

Pegboards can keep any room organized!

laundry room
Jessica Glynn

Laundry is a never-ending event at the Callaghan household, so Missy had a long countertop installed above her front-loading washer and dryers. As clothes come out of the dryer, they are folded and placed into piles, so wrinkles never have a chance to set in. A commercial-grade rolling laundry basket stows bulky folded items.

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bathroom storage
Jessica Glynn

Missy likes to label everything so there's no confusion as to which item belongs to which family member or where it belongs. Clear plastic baskets with handles are her go-to holders in the bath and kitchen. Adhesive-back chalkboard tags let her easily revise labels.

white bedroom with sun mirrors
Jessica Glynn

Metal rolling carts flank the headboard in the primary bedroom, keeping reading materials within easy reach. A drawer on each cart contains smaller items such as lip balm, hand cream, reading glasses, pens, and notepads. Natural linen textiles bring farmhouse charm to the space.

walk-in closet
Jessica Glynn

A combination of hanging rods, drawers, and shelves provides a spot for clothes and shoes in the primary closet. A mannequin bust on top of a bureau keeps jewelry tangle-free and in plain sight. Decorative boxes stored up high keep out-of-season items out of the way yet together.

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