Small Nursery Glows with Natural Light

See how this narrow room was transformed into the perfect nursery.

Art therapist and yoga instructor Jessie De Lowe of the popular lifestyle blog How You Glow enlisted the expertise of Laurel & Wolf designer Ryen Conley to turn a blank space into an efficient, light-filled nursery for her new baby. 

When she found out she was pregnant, one of Jessie's first orders of business was to create a tranquil place to bring her baby girl home. She and designer Ryen kept the furniture clean and classic, and the color scheme neutral.

As an art therapist and yoga instructor, you help people be the most authentic and happy version of themselves. How does having a serene home base help with this?

The state of my home has a direct correlation with how I feel. When one's living space is clean, organized, and uncluttered, the same typically rings true for the conditions of the mind. Having feel-good touches like fresh flowers, crystals and candles enhances a sense of well-being and makes me really happy. 

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We all lead these fast-paced lives. How important is it to have a peaceful place to come home to after a long day? 

So important. Home is our own little private retreat that we can design to make us feel our best and most relaxed. We have little control over the outside world, yet our home environment is almost entirely up to us.  Creating a sacred space helps us carry a sense of calm throughout the day, knowing that no matter what chaos we encounter, there is a peaceful sanctuary to come home to.

What was this room before it was a nursery? 

Before I was pregnant this was a guest bedroom; however, we really never put much time or energy into making it special for some reason. The room has finally found its purpose, and it makes us really excited. 

How did you want your nursery to look and feel?

I wanted the nursery to feel happy, bright, natural, cozy, and peaceful. Ryen Conley from Laurel & Wolf absolutely nailed it. I think it has the best vibes in the house! The neutral tones with a pop of color here and there creates a soothing yet playful environment. The different textured rugs make it feel very cozy and warm, and the minimal design keeps it feeling uncluttered. 

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What was the biggest challenge when designing this space?

The room is a bit narrow, so figuring out how to make it feel spacious was tough. My Laurel & Wolf designer suggested that we change the placement of the bed, which is something we had never considered. It gave us so much more space, completely opening up the room. 

How does the style of the nursery relate to the rest of the house?

The style of our home is beachy, eclectic, and cozy. Every corner of the house is intentional and designed to be used and lived in. We tried to keep that same functionality in mind for the nursery as well. 

How does this space glow?

We are lucky that the nursery gets the most sunshine out of any room in the house. One side is all windows, so the trees outside add an uplifting dose of nature and greenery. It truly feels so happy in there, there is definitely some magic glow in the air.

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