Every paint color, every stick of furniture, every accessory speaks to the soul of the family living here and the passion of the creative mom who pulled it all together.


When Grace and Kent Mitchell moved into their 1919 Fort Worth, Texas, home nearly seven years ago, they had a humongous to-do list. They have been slowly renovating their home on a budget to get it to where it needs to be to support their lifestyle and four kids between the ages of 6 and 9.

Grace has always been drawn to old things—crystal chandeliers, a shapely vintage chair, even basic wooden hangers she uses to display art—because they have a story. Her DIY skills and a knack for finding affordable ways to knock off expensive items have come in handy throughout the renovation project. She has chronicled the process on her blog, A Storied Style.

Hail ruined the 1919 foursquare's existing clay roof, so Grace did a little sleuthing. She found the original tile color and maker on the house plans, then tracked down homes in Fort Worth with the same tile. A yellow front door and yellow curtains on the front porch give the exterior a sunny and happy look.

Grace DIYed the entry's latticework walls—a take on pricey French treillage—using hardware store lattice. An ornate gold-framed mirror looks dressy on its own, but a worn upholstered bench makes the space feel more casual.

The light, bright entry features pineapple wallpaper on the ceiling and lotus-shaded lamps, which came with a surprise—a hidden 1970s receipt showing a price of $3,000. Grace paid $75 for the pair. The mix of upholstered stools and a ceramic garden stool adds eclectic interest.

Hardwood floors, white cabinets, and brass cup pulls contribute to the old-school look in the remodeled kitchen. Grace made her kitchen hardware with acrylic rods and brass pipe clips she found on Ebay UK. Rattan island stools showcase the drab green the carries throughout the space.

Upper Cabinet Color Decorator's White (CC-20), Benjamin Moore

Base Cabinet Color Rockport Gray (HC-105), Benjamin Moore

The jewel of the kitchen is an Ilve range that Grace and Kent saved up for, opposite. She tiled over yellow textured walls, painted the cabinets, and added glass to the upper doors. A dramatic tile backsplash pattern brings the white and gray cabinets together.

A roll of kraft paper in the kitchen allows Grace to leave herself notes and the kids to doodle. Wall planters keep fresh herbs at hand. Grace props books in back so the herb pockets double as display. Mismatched aprons hang from the wall to create a cute display.

Vintage dishes shine on wire shelving Grace found at a junkyard for $30 and painted. The carved wood French buffet came from an antiques shop going out of business. The charcoal gray floor tiles make a statement in a herringbone pattern.

The living room's rattan love seats were Craigslist freebies. She pulled the neutral color scheme from the fabric screen, which a friend found in a barn. A chest is tucked under the console table for extra hidden storage. Layered rugs on the floor further the collected vibe of the space.

Grace uses antique clothes hangers to dry and display her kids' art. Natural baskets and plush, faux taxidermy add whimsy to the all-white space.

Interior designer and blogger Grace Mitchell often crafts with her kids. Instead of replacing problemed wood flooring, Grace opted for a dramatic accent paint job. The whole family got a vote on the color for the wide racing stripe pepping up the art room.

Stripe Color Stem Green (2029-40), Benjamin Moore

The best way to spend $50? For Grace, it's a shapely chair. In the dining room, she teamed "Mad Hatter" chairs (as the family calls the $40 Craigslist wing chairs Grace re-covered) with $10-a-piece vintage trellis-back side chairs. White paneling and a humble wood table balance the formality of the bird-pattern paper and fabric, as well as the antique opaline chandeliers Grace had rewired.

Dessert plates, bowls, trays—they're all good in Grace's collage of dishes picked up at estate sales. She hangs them with Command strips so they're easy to change.

Grace added a mirror to a salvaged piece of lattice and hung it above a $30 garage-sale buffet. She oiled the buffet's walnut drawers and sides and painted the top and trim where the wood wasn't as pretty. Burlap-covered lamp shades accompany lucite lamp stands for a unique pairing.

A vintage secretary catches keys and picks up the greens in a high-end designer wallpaper Grace fell for. Covering an entire wall in it was out of her budget, so she found a remnant on eBay and framed out a big square. Accessories with gold accents collaborate with gold hardware within the secretary.

Grace's kids insisted on blue for their new built-in bunks, which Grace color-matched to the wallpaper. The large-scale watercolor gingham fabric was made via Spoonflower. Simple striped bed linens add interest to the bedding but don't fight with the loud wallpaper.

Wallpaper Zig Zag, makelike

Grace found the Viking boat tapestry in a garage at an estate sale. Caramel-colored leather chairs blend in with the hardwood floor. A multicolored floor rug adds softness and expands the color palette.

Vintage streetlights used as sconces set a fun vibe in the kids' bathroom, which was enlarged and remodeled. An old-school wash sink accommodates multiple kids. The tile is a large-scale spin on classic hexagonal tile.

Grace Mitchell's colorful bedroom, featured on One Room Challenge.

A large-scale floral wallpaper on the ceiling brings on the drama in the master bedroom. The dark ceiling was a compromise between masculine and feminine decor. The large patern makes the room feel larger because it brings eyes up. An oversized photo above the desk got dressed up behind a piece of acrylic.

Wallpaper Dark Floral, Ellie Cashman Design

Pages from an old book of botanicals found at The Round Top Antiques Fair became art for the master bedroom walls. Powder blue mats around the prints compliment the light blue coverlette on the bed. Darker accessories, like the lampshades and cane-backed chairs, bring the darker color on the ceiling down toward the floor.

Grace rounded out a corner of the master bedroom with an estate sale chair her kids dubbed the "rain chair" because of its umbrella-like top. A quirky winking accent pillow gives modern flair. The closet entrance got a makeover with $150 doors found at a salvage shop and brass curtain rods cleverly used as extra-long pulls.

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February 27, 2019
Love, love this home! especially the exterior
August 8, 2018
I absolutely love every aspect of this house.i love how she is bold & not afraid of color. Great job!
July 14, 2018
Finally! A modern take on something the vintage look. How refreshing. Keep up the good work.
July 14, 2018
July 14, 2018
Absolutely gorgeous! This woman has beautiful taste. She has carried her concept and color palette throughout the entire house varying it from room to room but yet managing to keep the entire home cohesive. Masterful!
July 14, 2018
On the Rockport Gray (HC-105), Benjamin Moore, was it Latex High Gloss Enamel? Or the special cabinet paint?
July 14, 2018
Above all, though, I'd like to know where the picture of Tonto was found and why no Lone Ranger?
July 14, 2018
I love everything in this house! She has great taste.
July 14, 2018
I am so impressed and absolutely thrilled to see a home featured that is whimsical, creative, uncluttered, and functional. This family really took time to make this space awesome.
April 20, 2018
What a great job! That is one of my favorite things to do is flea market and garage sale shop. Buying interesting things that need a little help.