Make a DIY Art Deco Style Table

A plain wood table goes from bland to bold.

What You Need

  • Unfinished wood nightstand
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood stain in desired color
  • Water-base polyurethane sealer
  • 1¿4-inch mirror
  • Mirror mastic adhesive and caulking gun
  • Brown kraft paper

How to Make It

  1. Remove the drawer from the nightstand.
  2. Sand all surfaces of the table and wipe away dust.
  3. Stain all surfaces of the table, following manufacturer's instructions; let dry.
  4. Apply polyurethane sealer.
  5. When polyurethane is completely dry, lightly sand the surfaces where mirror will be applied.
  6. Have the tabletop cut from 1/4-inch mirror.
  7. To add visual interest, have the tabletop mirror cut into smaller rectangles and squares leaving 1/32 inch between the pieces.
  8. Glue the mirror pieces to the tabletop; let cure.
  9. Use kraft paper to make a template pattern for two opposing sides of leg, stopping 2 inches from the bottom of the leg.
  10. Use the patterns to have the leg pieces cut from 1/4-inch mirror and glue into place.
  11. Make template patterns for the remaining sides of the legs, allowing 1/4 inch extra on the long edges to overlap the previously attached leg pieces.
  12. Have the remaining leg pieces cut, and glue into place.
  13. Have four skirt panels cut from 1/4-inch mirror and glue into place.


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