Headboard Entry Organizer

Inexpensive, repurposed finds become stylish organizers that resolve the messy traffic snarl by the door. It's important to have a way to organize and access daily essentials -- often quickly while you head in and out the door. We have solutions for you, and they won't break the bank.

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    Secondhand Solution

    By scoring a secondhand storage headboard, you can spend a little cash and gain a lot of function. This queen-size solid-wood headboard was a steal at $60 from a charity resale shop. After flipping upside down, the shelf sits at bench height for kiddos to pull on shoes. A piece of wood transforms the new top into a display ledge. At just 12 inches deep, the repurposed headboard hugs the wall and leaves the traffic area uncongested.

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    Friendly Reminders

    This rustic-chic display will be Pinterest-worthy when you're finished: Start with a wood frame from a flea market or antiques store. Hammer short nails into the back at even intervals, and string twine between them. Use small clothespins from a crafts store to secure invitations, tickets, snapshots, notes, and more.

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    Repurposed and Right-Size

    This decorative drawer from an old sewing table is the kind of odd-lot storage often found at flea markets. It’s the right size to anchor to the wall after a fresh coat of paint. Screw in hooks for keys, and use the drawer space for mail and wallets.

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    Hook and Hang

    These hooks sparkle with personality. Birdwatcher wall hooks will store your hangable items while brightening your wall space. Choose a variety of colors or shapes (think safari animals or dinosaurs) for a custom look.

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    DIY Wall Calendar

    An oversize calendar will grab everyone's attention. Rather than buying one, make one yourself by painting a portion of a wall with two coats of chalkboard paint. Hang an open frame around the painted section. Use a straightedge and a gray paint marker to draw 35 boxes and label the days of the week.

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    DIY Charging Station

    This freebie charging station is a repurposed cardboard desk organizer -- the kind you use for pencils and notepads. Turn it on its side, and use a sharp crafts knife to cut holes for cords. Decorate with paint and washi tape. 

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    Stackable Storage

    Purchase plain stacking bins to build a tower of easy-access storage. Chalkboard labels and chalk markers let you switch out storage with the seasons. Stack two in a small space or a few on top of the storage unit.

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    Label Magic

    Always use labels for bins and baskets. Identify seasons, daily events, and other needs as the seasons change. Try chalkboard tape, which can be cut to fit any size of container, or check out our free downloadable labels.

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    Basket Business

    A rectangular seagrass bin corrals all sorts of odd storage items. Place a basket for returns, one for backseat children's books and toys, and even one for awkard-shape items like dog toys and treats.

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