Now THIS Is How You Update Craigslist Furniture

Sometimes what you find on Craigslist is exactly the piece you wanted. But more often, your Craigslist purchase could use a tiny bit of tweaking -- or even a full-fledged makeover! We found some jaw-dropping Craigslist furniture makeover ideas that will no doubt inspire you.

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    Before: A Neglected Dresser

    When Sharon of Lilikoi Joy found this dresser on Craigslist, she was able to look past the nicks, dents, and misaligned drawer handles because she loved the serpentine drawers.

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    After: Ocean Inspired

    Sharon used an oil-base primer, acrylic paint, antiquing glaze, and polyurethane to give her Craigslist dresser a coastal vibe. The depth you see was created by layering a dark glaze atop bright turquoise paint. To update the hardware, Sharon spray-painted inexpensive drawer pulls, attaching them after she repositioned the screw holes.

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    Before: Basic Bamboo

    Jennifer of Dimples and Tangles lucked out when she found a pair of high-quality bamboo-style nightstands on Craigslist. Unfortunately, they hadn't aged well; the legs were chipped, the finish was in bad shape, and the color was just off.

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    After: Red-Hot Nightstands

    Glossy spray paint transformed the twin Craigslist castoffs into bright red beauties perfect for her daughter's bedroom. Jennifer tried liquid gilding paint for the first time on the hardware to give them the appearance of metal. We think it worked!

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    Before: Big and Bulky

    Sarah of Sarah M. Dorsey Designs thought she scored with this $25 Craigslist dresser. Sure, it had a questionable Formica top, but it was built with solid-wood dovetailed drawers. Once she got it home, she learned that the bottom of the dresser had water damage she couldn't sand down.

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    After: Custom Coral

    To start, Sarah removed the water-damaged bottom and raised the dresser off the ground with a new set of legs. She then mixed two shades of chalk-finish paint to create a custom coral that really pops in her guest room. Finally, she updated the hardware with a coat of metallic spray paint. 

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    Before: Last-Chance Library

    When Mandi of Vintage Revivals found two card catalogs on Craigslist, she jumped at the opportunity to purchase them. The veneer was the "consistency of shredded corn flakes," she says, and it was missing a few drawers, but Mandi was confident the solid-wood drawer fronts were salvageable.

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    After: Standing Proud and Tall

    Mandi stripped the hardware with acetone, sanded all 58 drawer fronts, and replaced some trim. She had planned to sell the storage piece, but it sat in her garage for nine months. Then one day she brought it inside to replace the base, and now the revived card catalog stands proudly in her home.

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    Before: Oldie but Goodie

    The cottage-style dining table and chairs set Emmie of Blue 11 Interiors found on Craigslist for $80 was in good condition. The construction was solid, but Emmie was concerned that the overall look was bland. Plus, the plaid seat cushions were dirty and dated.

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    After: Two-Tone Table

    Emmie and her husband gave the spindle-leg table a modern refresh by staining the top dark walnut and painting the base white. After painting the chairs white to match, they worked together to reupholster the cushions in a blue-hue ikat fabric.

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    Bonus: How to Paint Furniture

    Feeling inspired to give old furniture a facelift? Learn how to paint it the right way with this step-by-step tutorial.

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