Midcentury-Modern Armoire Makeover with Pretty Storage

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A century-old cabinet is updated and organized to handle the entryway needs of a busy modern family. An old, bulky armoire becomes an entryway focal point with a fresh coat of paint and pretty, practical storage solutions.

New Life

A treasured family heirloom gets a whole new life with vibrant green paint, decorative trim, and gold-tone accents. Devote a drawer to each family member, reserving any extras for media equipment, tote bags, and other family gear.


The cupboard section is outfitted with hanging space and shelves for the kids' outdoor gear. Lined with vinyl shelf paper and fitted with a new shelf and rod, the compartment now offers space to hang jackets and hold storage boxes of accessories. 

Hang window treatments from a stylish DIY curtain rod, created from a few basic supplies and brass sheeting.

DIY Brass Rod

Like the look of this armoire's chic brass rod? See how to get the look using brass sheeting and a few basic supplies.

Drop Spot

Drawers are lined with shelf paper and customized with dividers for each child. Shoes go right onto a metal tray that catches dirt, a box keeps hats and scarves together, and individual plastic cups are the right size to contain a pair of gloves or mittens.

Different Dividers

Spray-painted loaf pans contain remote controls, and green glass ramekins hold different sizes of batteries and ear buds. The checkered box is designated for cords only, but any sort of miscellaneous belongings can find a home in the drawers.

Clutch and Go

A pretty patterned zippered bag for the camera and charger goes from drawer to tote bag with no fuss or muss. Keep it labeled clearly to avoid any mix-up.

Yours and Mine

The chance of kids putting things away increases when they know exactly where to put them. Clearly labeled hangers ensure that all family members can find what they need quickly -- and no more squabbles about which coat belongs to which kid.

Dry Area

Never get caught in the rain again with a designated spot for all the family's umbrellas. A modern, aesthetically-pleasing box corrals the poor weather wear.


Tuck out-of-season snow pants and boots into a labeled decorative box, where they can wait for the snow to fly or for one child to grow into the other's size. The boxes are also great options for storing other out-of-season wear.

Smart Sleeves

Inexpensive paper coin wrappers pull double duty to corral cords, which are neatly contained in foil loaf pans. The pans are then stacked in a box, keeping a wealth of cords organized, easy to find, and tangle-free.

Wrapped Up

Raid the laundry for wood clothespins, add some decorative paint, and voila! You have a tangle-proof storage solution for storing ear buds. Keep the wrapped cords in decorative green glasses for a beautiful display.

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