What's better than IKEA? An IKEA hack that makes it look as if you've spent far more than you did. These IKEA hacks do just that!


Home Office

Did you know the average home office makeover costs a whopping $20,000? Real estate experts conclude that it isn't a good investment since you won't recoup the cost at resale. But that doesn't mean you can't have the home office you've always wanted. This one was done for under $2,000 and that includes decor. See how this IKEA Billy hack turned an empty room into a dream office at Southern Revivals.


Who doesn't want a garage that looks like this?! Forget the amazing functionality this homeowner enjoys, it's just flat-out gorgeous to look at. But it cost a ton, right? No way! See how a few IKEA dressers and shelves were turned into quite possibly the most amazing garage makeover ever at Polished Habitat.

So, What's Your Decorating Style?


So you finally have a space of your own and you'd love a beautiful desk ... and then you check the prices and your hopes are dashed. Until you see this DIY IKEA hack and all of your desk goals reach new levels. See how to easily make your own on a budget at Addison Meadows Lane.


What if you want a modern, designer-style chair but you can't spend a ton to get it? A clever IKEA hack can help! Find the how-to on Dream A Little Bigger.


Try to pry your eyes away from those acrylic purse holders for just a moment to appreciate this entire space. This person is obviously a Kardashian, right? Nope! Just a clever DIY blogger who figured out how to hack the perfect IKEA pieces for a glam closet on a budget. All the details, including those DIY acrylic purse holders, are at Polished Habitat.


It's the small things that sometimes have the greatest impact. If you've ever seen mirrored pieces of furniture at stores, you know they can be costly, but they can also make a statement. Take this blogger's lead and make your own with the help of a blinged-out IKEA dresser. No more boring nightstands! The how-to on this Anthropologie-inspired nightstand is at Sincerely Sara D.

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January 19, 2020
This is so poorly organized it is a waste of time. Where exactly do you find "Dream a little bigger" so get the IKEA chair trick?