Got the bedroom blues? Start by making a simple change. Pick one piece of furniture and revamp it in some way. Go all out and reupholster, or just paint a pattern on something plain -- it's up to you. Make it your own, and you'll feel better before you know it.

By Bri Levandowski
July 01, 2016

Midcentury Mod Nightstand

The simplest furniture makeover out there: Pull out the drawers, prime, paint, let dry, replace the drawers. You won't believe what a little color can do.

Royal Headboard

Color Made Easy CMR_5664173

The best upgrade you can give your bed is adding a headboard. Your room will seem more elegant and your bed will look finished. Give it a funky pattern in neutral colors so you can switch out your bedding without concerns of clash.

Contrasting-Colors Chair Makeover

Give a clear acrylic desk chair a bright makeover by painting it with a mix of paint thinner and blue transparent paint. The color will contrast with the bold coral wall, but the limpidity of the chair will lighten the difference. Complete the look with artwork and desk accents that combine the two bold colors.

Peach Geo Dresser

Once a plain white dresser, this furniture piece stores clothing and catches eyes. The geometric pattern is created by masking off sections with painters tape and using a consistent peach-to-orange color scheme. Alternate directions of the sections for a helter-skelter appearance.

Nailhead Trim Bench

Add a glint of awesome with a bit of trim. Nailhead trim that is. Bring a plain bedroom bench above par with a few shiny accents.

Faux Granite Dresser

Add unexpected class to your bedroom by applying a faux granite top to your standard dresser. Consider painting in the same tone as the flecks in the granite, and add extra appeal by replacing drawer pulls with modern updated ones.

Lace-Textured Table

For a lace-textured table, start by removing the hardware and painting the drawers. When dry, place lace over the drawer and spread Wood Icing (a texturing paste) over the lace. Peel lace, let dry, paint over with a new color, and voila! Your drawers are now fancy.

Stenciled Upholstered Headboard

Turn your plain headboard into a work of art. Stenciled directly onto the headboard with fabric paint, the pretty pattern brings excitement without overdoing color. Pair with similar tones in other bedroom fabrics, then choose one bold color to add some pop.

Budget Reupholstery

Reimagine seating and save money. If money is tight, you can still reupholster your reading chair. Splurge on the luxurious fabric for the cushioned sitting part of the chair, but use a less expensive one for the backing, where texture doesn't matter as much. Plus, the two-tone puts a unique spin on seating.

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