A Blogger's Bedroom Remake

See how Brooke Burnett, the blogger behind One Small Blonde, got her dream bedroom makeover.

For entrepreneur and blogger Brooke Burnett of One Small Blonde, having a place that looks put together is the key to getting her creative juices flowing.

She asked designer Caroline Rodgers from Laurel & Wolf to translate her simple, yet sophisticated fashion aesthetic and adopt it into a timeless black, white, and metallic palette.

The look is a not unlike her wardrobe. It starts with basics and adds personality through accessories. Touches of soft pink, like the blush throw sprawled across her bed, contrast with the leopard pillows and tailored, nailhead headboard.

How would you define your interior design style?

It's a lot like my fashion style. Simple, sophisticated, and chic. I'm not one for bright colors, which is why you see a lot of white with subtle accent colors. I like modern design, but also want comfortable and cozy living spaces.

How does your personal style relate to your interiors? 

I love using accessories to enhance my outfits and my home. I tend to be a little indecisive, so I stick with the basics for large purchases, and use accents to change things up every season.

What design goals did you hope to reach with your bedroom design? 

Honestly, my bedroom was never going to feel complete until I updated a few things like my bedside tables. The old ones from Target needed to go!

What was on your list of must-haves for the new design?

My number one item was new bedside tables. Next, was a new rug. I had moved my old living room rug into my bedroom as a temporary solution, and it was driving me crazy that it didn't match.

Why did you hire a professional interior designer? 

I'm so indecisive when it comes to home decor. I love styling my wardrobe, but home decor feels permanent and stressful. I can put together an outfit any day, but the look only lasts for a day. When it comes to visualizing a room, I freak!

How did your designer help you make this space a reality? 

I loved that my designer was able to use the Laurel & Wolfe platform to show me what the bedroom would look like before making any large purchases. It helped me feel more at ease with buying new items.

How important was it to have a space that you're able to come home to after traveling or working long hours?

Extremely important! I need a space that helps me unwind and put my mind at ease.

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What are you most excited about in your new space? 

That it finally feels complete! I actually want to keep it clean and make my bed every day so it looks pretty all the time. As a fashion blogger, clothes tend to get thrown all over the place. Now that my bedroom is done, it's helped me become more organized with my clothes and blog posts.


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