An Atlanta-area homeowner pulls off some decorating theatrics
(hello, black ceilings!) to make a no-frills home live beautifully.

December 11, 2017
cozy bedroom with warm tones

Kristin Jackson, a designer and the blogger behind Hunted Interior, revamped her 1,000-square-foot Georgia home that she shares with her husband, Rob, and two kids. The home is a 1963 Sears, Roebuck & Co. kit house in Smyrna that Kristin felt needed a touch of drama. She used DIY decorating tips and tricks to add personality to the home and maxed out every available space for comfortable living.

In the bedroom, a $50 ceiling medallion adds interest to a basic ceiling fan fixture. Animal-print wallpaper warms the space, and layers of colors and textures on the bed pick up the cream tones. Curtain rods running past the window frames give the illusion of wider windows.

Dark Drama

glam living room with dark ceiling

Twin mirrors visually expand Kristin Jackson's small living room. The black ceiling was a gamble that paid off. Brass supports for ballet barres hold a custom-cut acrylic rod. Gold accents tie the space together.

Ceiling Color Totally Black (HDC-MD-04), Behr

Acrylic Paint

glam sitting area with blue accents

Kristin got drama by painting over a thrift store painting (she liked the frame and size) with random brushstrokes. The acrylic desk, on the other hand, recedes. A white wall got added texture from a wood trim wall treatment. Kristin laid out her grid design with painters tape and applied panel and picture moldings with a nail gun to get this look.

Private Patio

outdoor seating area with artificial turf

Built using pressure-treated 1×4 boards, the pergola provides nice shade. The boards were stained dark brown to match the paint on the door. Artificial turf covers boards that had become a splinterfest. Curtains made from heavy outdoor fabric provide privacy on the deck.

Bright White

herringbone subway tile backsplash

After having the kitchen remodeled, Kristin added the crowning touch to the windows: plywood transoms embellished with molding. One unit marks the end of the tile backsplash. Simple subway tile looks chic installed in a herringbone pattern.

Bold Banquette

breakfast corner nook with window

Banquette seating saves floor space and turns the space into a cozy dining space. To save time building the banquette, Kristin had a home center cut the large pieces for her. Contemporary art pieces add color to white walls.

Quirky Gallery

artwork on pink wall near closet

Kristin tricked out the closet door with panel molding and painted on an umbrella using hers as a template. The trim around the doors and the baseboards are painted the same pale pink as the walls. She unified a gallery wall of art with matching white frames.

Masculine Palette

blue bedroom with clothes hanging solution

Black paint (the same as on the living room ceiling) was a strategic move. Painting everything the same color works to de-emphasize fluted trim for a more masculine look in Kristin's son's room. She made the pine headboard using a belt sander to create a free-flowing live-edge look. A plug-in wall sconce attached to the headboard saves floor space.

Dual Purpose

dresser and shelving in closet

Doors removed, the closet morphed into an out-of-traffic storage and study spot. Plain white curtains over the doorway were spiffed up with ribbon ironed on with fusible tape. Side-by-side dressers topped with a heavy countertop work as a desk. Shiplap on the back wall masks damaged drywall.

Rounded Off

nightstand with acrylic chair

Kristin built the vanity, a small-scale knockoff of a desk she loved, out of MDF. Knobs give the illusion of drawers. As in other rooms, she applied wall and crown moldings. A round mirror breaks up the straight lines of the paneling.

Opposites Attract

bathroom entry with gold accents

Black-and-white tile on the walls and floor, plus a rug, give the only bathroom a bold and modern look. Outside the bathroom, an antique quilt rack holds towels, and a big basket stores rolls of toilet paper. The subtle pattern on the wall is Kristin's free-form brushstrokes.


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