Tour This Colorful, Family-Friendly Home Makeover

Landscape designer Bryce Brock instills her home with the same down-to-earth style, indoors and out. But, the colorful walls are anything but neutral.

courtyard with greenery front of house

When Bryce Vann Brock was 8, she decided she was going to be a landscape designer. “And that was it. I never changed my mind,” she says. “I love the whole idea of taking a piece of property and thinking about how people will live, what their view is, where they will play, and what they will see.” That ability to unite a home with its surroundings under one comprehensive vision has guided Bryce in her landscaping and container-design business, The Vine. It also played a major role in the remodel of the ranch she shares with her husband, Seth, and their kids off the Georgia coast.

pink doors and flowers in living room with couch

Using key landscape design principles—stick to natural materials, build a cohesive color palette, and highlight a property’s assets—she has made the home fit her active family. Concrete countertops and floors stand up to her two young children and two dogs. White walls amplify daylight, and upholstery and paint colors echo flowers and foliage in the yard. Green (Bryce’s favorite color, naturally) dominates inside as well as outside via the vibrant green doors in the mudroom and the minty velvet chairs in the dining room, for example. “Having many shades of green adds texture to the environment,” Bryce says. She punctuates the leafy tones with a mellow pink, which starts at the front door and hits its peak in her daughter's room.

Organic accents like a twig-framed mirror and a brass antler bowl are also important in creating Bryce’s decorating narrative. She sees a home and its surroundings as inextricably linked, with the best of nature coming inside and interior comforts extending outside. “We have all the doors open, and the dogs and kids are running in and out,” Bryce says. “There are art projects on the countertop and chalk on the pool deck. Our house just has a good family vibe.” Bryce matched the front door color (Benjamin Moore’s Sweet 16 Pink) to the pale pink hydrangeas that bloom in her yard, and the built-in brick planters are original to the house. Bryce filled them with sansevieria (also known as snake plant).


With young children, a business, and a chaotic life, I keep wanting my home to be simple, simple, simple."


The kitchen illustrates Bryce’s reverence for simplicity. Wide drawers and open shelves keep everything in reach, even for the kids. “If I don’t see it, I don’t use it,” she says.


I love how ranches ramble. As our family grows, the house can grow."

pool and patio back yard exterior

The Brocks built on a second story and made it into their home office. For the exterior of their home, they chose the color Off-Black No. 57 by Farrow & Ball. It matches the sleek, modern look of their playful backyard. The pool is great for cooling off in the Georgia heat, but Bryce also envisioned it as a visual element to be enjoyed from the house.

white stools and wood table on concrete deck

A concrete deck, slick white stools, and a wood table carry signature materials from the house to the outdoors.


I’m falling in love with color more than I thought I would."

pink and orange accent bedroom

Their daughter's room is a fuller expression of the pink Bryce uses as an accent throughout the house. The pink and orange combo will grow with her daughter. For the walls, Bryce usedCalamine No. 230 from Farrow & Ball.

Bryce papered her son's bedroom with a classroom map as a nod to his love of exploring. The colorful mural meant that the rest of his room could be dressed in neutrals, but still look playful. A bright throw on the bed was the perfect finishing touch to the kid's room. On his desk, her son drops his seashell finds into a terrarium containing a ZZ plant.

green trip wallpaper and doors of mudroom

In the mudroom, wallpaper and trim in a matching paint (Sherwin-Williams’ Garden Spot) bring in Bryce’s favorite green.

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