A happy combination of eclectic decorating styles gave new life to this Texas vacation home.

Sometimes even a vacation home can use a change of scenery. This Galveston, TX, getaway got its inspiration from the owners' favorite vacation spots: the Beverly Hills Hotel and Palm Beach. In came the planked walls, lacquered surfaces, kicky colors on furniture and ceilings, and fun patterns. They wanted the look to be nautical, but not cliché.

Reconfiguring some spaces also made new use of the vacation home. They took out a built-in desk and bookcases and replaced them with a color-drenched nook for napping and reading. A loft area became another fun hangout, decorated with vintage paint-by-numbers and a turntable ready to spin some vinyl. In the end, the look brings the play of sand and surf indoors.

green couch with framed hawaiian paint by numbers

Hawaiian-theme paint-by-numbers and a waterfront scene detail the loft. These touches represent everything the owners were striving for—vintage and color. The green couch signifies the pop of color the homeowners were looking for upon remodeling, along with a multi-colored area rug.

seafoam green oceanic nook with coastguard ship lights

This nook was once a built-in desk but now exemplifies fun with bright colors and fun patterns. Vintage lights from a Coast Guard ship hang upside down above the reading nook for task lighting with flair.

nautical living room with blue zigzag rug and blue sectional

The home's surfaces remain neutral to let the bright colors shine. In the living area, a chevron rug adds a big pattern splash. Classic shiplap lines the walls. The woven blue stools are made of rope, a subtle nautical nod.

nautical dining room with large seashells and white wood walls

Striped vinyl chairs and chandeliers that mimic beach glass allude to the locale in a classy, simple way. Since the walls are painted white, the accent colors within the dining room aren't overwhelming, but rather fun and welcoming.

nautical kitchen with blue island and vintage swimsuits framed

The kitchen’s framed vintage bathing suits are a special decoration to the owners, and an inventive way to add the beachy, playful vibe. The blue cabinetry is the perfect shade to complement the nautical theme. Open shelving with pastel barware invites guests to sit and sip.

green patterned bedroom with framed skate decks above bed

Skateboards purchased in the gift shop of the Beverly Hills Hotel (the room’s inspiration) are now artwork in a bedroom. An apple-green ceiling brings another dimension to the room and a great pop of color in an unusual place.

nautical bedroom with 2 sets of blue bunkbeds

Formerly outfitted for kids, the bunk room now features twin beds that also play host to adults. The toile fabric counters the casual surfboard and life preserver used as art. This is another great space that was reconfigured to be as useful as possible to the owners and their guests.

seafoam green bedroom with palm patterned ceiling

The mint-green primary bedroom is a sophisticated twist on beach style, with a bayou photo that sets the room's quiet tone. Wallpaper on the ceiling cozies up the large room and is yet another creative way to decorate with pattern.

bathroom with pink pineapple wallpaper and pink his and her sinks

The whimsical pineapple wallpaper and bright pink color scheme in this bathroom screams Palm Beach. The lacquered vanity and inlaid tile floor give the room more personality. Bamboo mirrors continue the preppy vibe found throughout the home.

Comments (8)

Better Homes & Gardens Member
March 13, 2019
I like the apple-green and turquoise bedroom with the soothing pink accents. The framed skateboards are a clever idea. However, I would rather see the picture on the nightstand hanging on the wall instead of leaning against it.
Better Homes & Gardens Member
February 10, 2019
Finally--someone who actually embraces color. How refreshing!
Better Homes & Gardens Member
February 10, 2019
fun and fresh ideas, love the bunks
Better Homes & Gardens Member
February 9, 2019
Love this, beautiful colors light and bright
Better Homes & Gardens Member
February 9, 2019
I thought it was supposed to not be "overboard"! That's all that was! Too much bright colors and busy patterns.
Better Homes & Gardens Member
February 9, 2019
I love pink bathrooms (especially vintage mid-century modern ones) but that wallpaper is hideous.
Better Homes & Gardens Member
February 9, 2019
Colorful and fun makes this a great get away.
Better Homes & Gardens Member
February 5, 2019
Lots of things I love in these designs (and I always think "bunk rooms" are so cool), but I automatically stopped short on the kitchen with the framed bathing suits. I know it's not the owners' doing, but if I'm not mistaken, when hanging the American flag vertically, the blue field should be in the upper left based on the observer's view. My father was military, although not career, and he instilled in us to always have respect for the flag, to never let it touch the ground, not to drape it around ourselves, and how to hang it, either horizontally or vertically. Perhaps nit-picking, sorry. But it always stops me. Again, love lots of other things, especially the use of blue, when I tend to be more drawn to greens...