With the help of a designer, Catt Sadler transformed a casual space without a purpose into an elegant semiformal living room perfect for entertaining with comfort.

By Jenny Krane; Photos by Dustin Walker

As a TV personality, journalist, and a social media influencer who runs her own blog, E! News' Catt Sadler makes a living as an arbiter of style. But her living room felt too casual and without purpose, so it was time for a style upgrade.

Catt enlisted online interior design service Laurel & Wolf to bring her chic, visual tastes to life in her living room. Designer Kimberly Winthrop worked to create a design that blends sophisticated glamour with Catt's relaxed personality.

How would you describe your personal style?

I think my personal style is warm and inviting, but also erring on the minimal side. I despise clutter or too much of anything—it makes me feel heavy. I don't overaccessorize when I get dressed, and I certainly don't want too many knickknacks in my home. Less is more.

What kind of vibe did you want to create in this room?

I already have a comfortable family room where the kids and I watch television. It's where we spend most of our time as a family. It's more durable, and the hues are grays and blues. For this new space, I really wanted a room that felt more adult.

What was the room like before? How does it make you feel now?

It was simple and sleek, which I like, but just too casual. It was just another living space. There was nothing special about it. It was the room we never used. Now it is luxurious, inviting, and warm, but with a sexiness about it. The Lucite and brass bar cart, blush-color chaise longue, and female-centric art are my favorite touches.

What are your favorite things about the space now?

Laurel & Wolf was fantastic in making good use of the space in this room. They helped me figure out a more efficient plan for the furniture and created a very inviting space for entertaining. I'm obsessed with the chairs from Lawson and Fenning. I had been eyeing them for some time, so I'm ecstatic we found a way to incorporate them. Kimberly suggested reupholstering my chaise longue in blush velvet. It's divine. I can't seem to keep my dog Scarlett off of it, but she's always had impeccable taste, so it makes sense. 

How do you spend time in this room?

Since the room has been finished, we've been migrating there when company comes over. We've sipped a few glasses of champagne. So far, it has been a room to converse in, mostly. It doesn't elicit being on your phone. It elicits a true feeling of visiting with other humans.

What were a few design elements you absolutely had to have?

I wanted a more intimate arrangement of furniture that was conducive to visiting with guests when I entertain, and I wanted to mute the color scheme quite a bit and get away from the masculine feel. I was also craving wallpaper with an art deco vibe. I travel a lot and pay close attention to hotel design for inspiration. Claridge's London inspired this room in some ways. 

What did you enjoy most about the design process?

It was such a nice collaboration. I've tried to work on the house myself in the past, and it can be so overwhelming trying to take on a job like this alone. Kimberly endlessly offered so many alternative options for fabrics, wallpaper, and key furniture pieces. It was like Christmas every time I opened my in-box. She was exceptional at listening to my strong opinions on certain decisions and ultimately wanted me to be happy.


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