A small blueprint ended up being an asset to create a cozy and comfortable nursery for this couple's new baby.


After Rebecca Raskind, vice president at public relations agency CLD PR, and husband Jared moved into their Los Angeles fixer-upper, the creative couple immediately got to work transforming it to match their quirky glam style. Fast forward a few years, and the home has become a medley of Hollywood Regency and California-boho style.

The happy home was nearly complete, but it was still missing one thing—a tiny addition to the family. Then the pair got the exciting news that they were pregnant and couldn't be more excited to have their new baby girl, Zoe.  

Because the blueprint of their home made designing a nursery tricky, they turned to online interior design company Laurel & Wolf to help. They had previously used Laurel & Wolf to design their pool house. Designer Christiana Di Vito helped the couple infuse their various design styles while balancing the blend of colors and patterns in their daughter's nursery. 

What prompted this remodel? 

It was really important for us to have a new, fresh, space for the baby. We wanted a true nursery that could also serve as a small play area. 

What was the space used for before?

This space was actually our home office, but we kind of knew it would someday be a nursery so we just kept it for some light storage. We would practice yoga and stretching in there, too. 

What was your inspiration for the nursery?

We definitely started with the traditional but then added whimsical wallpaper and the large giraffe, who we named Chloe. We liked the idea of keeping traditional elements, but incorporating animals, pops of pink, and a lot of pattern. We wanted the space to feel bright and fun. I have a tendency to go overboard with pink so we started with base colors of grey, gold, and white and kept pink for the accessories. 

How did your designer help you achieve this goal?

Our Laurel & Wolf designer Christina was extremely helpful in incorporating our various design styles into the room. The room is small so the floor plan was a huge challenge, but ultimately, it works! 

What are your favorite elements of the design?

I absolutely love the pale pink curtains with the brass feather tie backs, the pink sheepskin throw and the Jonathan Adler dresser (which will be our changing table). We wanted the space to feel cohesive with the rest of our house and I think the designer did an amazing job incorporating all of these fun elements to bring in the style of the rest of our home. 

What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome or work with in the space?

One challenge we had in the room was the lack of a real closet. We wanted storage solutions and our designer came up with this great idea to incorporate shelves with a rod underneath to be used for hanging clothes. We love that the clothes became part of the decor!  

How do you see your baby girl growing up in this space?

We imagine that after a year or two we will be moving her into a bigger room to call her own. The nursery is right off of our room, which is perfect for a baby, but a little girl will need more room and closet space! As a baby, we will have play time in here on the carpet, read books, rock her to sleep, and use the dresser as a changing table. 


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