Vintage Meets Industrial in this Storage-Savvy Home

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Welcome to your dream home! Practical antiques, open storage, and rustic-modern decor make this house beautifully functional. The one-of-a-kind abode was built from scratch, allowing the homeowners to put their touch on every detail.

Rugged and Rustic

This home's stone-and-stucco exterior could nearly blend in to the desert surroundings, thanks to its low profile and rugged good looks. The gorgeous facade is merely a nod to the shabby-chic look you'll find inside.

Desert Charm

There's no random decorating in this house. Exterior stone and wood detailing is carried throughout the home's exterior and interior alike. Subtle greenery and wooden patio furniture add charm to the home's many outdoor seating areas.

Smart Storage

In the mudroom, each child has a locker where backpacks, sports equipment, jackets, and hats belong. There's even bench seating to take off shoes and boots. Red-and-white lined metal bins act as catchalls for quick cleanup and out-of-season storage.

Flea Market Finds

This sturdy set of cubbies holds shoes on the wall opposite the kids' lockers. The homeowners found it at an antiques fair and were intrigued enough to buy it without knowing exactly where they'd put it. The windows, too, were a fortunate flea market find; the panes have no glass and lead to an interior hallway. Both vintage scores imbue the room with a homey feel that's hard to find in new homes.

Collected and charming, flea market style can take on a variety different personalities. See the many ways you can add flea market decor to your home with these decorating tricks.

Tips for Flea Market Style

See the many ways you can add flea market decor to your home with these decorating tricks.

Family Gathering

The smart island in the home's open-layout kitchen serves double-duty as a cooking center and dining area. A 15-foot marble-slab top adds sophistication, while a pendant lighting fixture adds industrial edge.

Meal Prep in Minutes

Easy-to-access open drawers stash pots, pans, cutting boards, bowls, and plates. Keeping cookware in reach means less time rummaging for the right tool and more time to enjoy with family.

Out in the Open

Open shelves near the sink serve as the only wall "cabinetry" in the kitchen. Everyday plates, bowls, and cups reside here, so the most-grabbed items are always within reach.

Woodwork that Wows

Dark cabinets in the butler's pantry partner with a sink, microwave, coffeemaker, general-store counter, and baker's rack of dry goods to rival the storage and polish of most kitchens. Two-tone brown checkered flooring adds warmth to the room's neutral color scheme.

Vintage Counter

Brimming with tilt-out bins for onions and potatoes and stacked with drawers for dry goods and bakeware, this breakfront nestled in a corner of the butler's pantry looks like a counter from an old general store -- because that's exactly what it is. The rejuvenated piece found new life in an unlikely part of the home.

Kids Club

All four kids' rooms open into a living room that is decked out with a sectional sofa, TV, and piano. Movies, games, and other items are easy to retrieve and tuck away in the rustic console below the television. An oversize clock above the doors introduces fun color to the industrial design.

Personalized Gallery Wall

Colorful maps and posters surround the TV in the living area to create a functional art display. The media stand, though it bears the same vintage character as other pieces in the house, is actually new and mixes metal and worn-looking wood for an industrial look.

Reading Rainbow

Color-categorizing books is one secret to a stunning set of shelves. Partnering paperbacks with like-hue covers creates an impactful display. Small chalkboard labels allow for flexibility when updating what's stored front-and-center.

Unusual Shelving

Industrial-chic shelves crafted from lumber and metal pipes collect books, photos, and storage bins filled with personal trinkets. A sleek piano takes center stage.

Lofted Dreams

In this dreamy children's bedroom, a lofted bed frees up floor space for an art studio underneath. A desk, upholstered chair, and floor lamp create a cozy corner for both work and play.

Sneaky Drawer Space

A stairway tucks into the side of an elevated bed in this children's bedroom. Each riser doubles as a drawer, adding storage for clothes, toys, and linens.

Book Nook

Built-in bookshelves, a window seat with plenty of pillows, and a desk outfit one wall of this kids' bedroom. The recessed shelves maximize storage and display colorful accessories, while deep drawers beneath the banquette organize spare linens.

Stone Corridor

Even the hallways match the homeowners' vintage-meets-industrial style. Classic stone doorways contrast a trendy gallery wall.

Living Room Looks

Large grid windows bring natural light into the living room, while bright throw pillows add a pop of color to the otherwise neutral scheme. Wood paneling on the walls adds a rustic, cabinlike feel to the room, while an oversize chandelier adds an element of sophistication.

Bring the Outside In

An all-wood home office brings barnyard-inspired chic to the next level. Contrasting shades and grains keep the office from looking too one-dimensional.

Dine in Style

A minimalist table with mix-and-match seating keeps the focus on this dining room's brick detailing, industrial pendant lights, and fireplace feature. Large windows with black trim let light in year-round.

Come Together

A giant U-shape desk sprawls out in this sunny home office, making it the epicenter of activity for the entire family. A mix of seating -- including small stools, an upholstered chair, and a rolling desk chair -- accomodates guests. Rustic plank flooring warms up the room's bright-white walls.

Pops of Color

A hot pink chair and bright blue desk add splashes of color to this home office. A funky wall print with similar hues ties the room together.

Luxe Laundry Room

This laundry room is far from a merely utilitarian space. It was carefully crafted to include gorgeous storage, lots of elbowroom, and industrial style. Shelves wrap around the room -- even crossing a window without interruption -- and seem to hover on metal pipes. They provide places for everything, including art supplies and detergent.

Double Duty

Two washers and two dryers help this large family stay on top of laundry, while cabinets collect gift-wrapping supplies, vases, and other awkward-to-store stuff. The metal-and-wood folding table hails from an antiques fair, but the wire baskets brimming with towels are new.

Vertical Rack

This tall storage rack looks like it could be a shiny treasure unearthed at a fantastic flea market, but it came from Restoration Hardware, whose wares could pass for antiques (albeit in remarkable condition). Scooted into the corner of the master bathroom, the storage rack gathers towels and linens on its gleaming shelves.

Divided Bathroom

Two areas -- one for bathing and one for grooming -- divide the master bath. To the right of the sunny corridor is a large walk-in shower. To the left are two dark-wood vanities that flank a repurposed kitchen hutch unearthed at a flea market.

Quirky Texture

A whitewashed hutch adds texture to an otherwise traditional bathroom. Fit into a custom-size alcove, it conceals extra toilet tissue, cleaning products, and other bathroom necessities. Two lower cabinets were converted into pullout bins for trash.

Natural Lighting

Features fit for a spa showcase in this master bathroom. An enormous walk-in shower peeks outside to let in natural light, making it easy to get going in the morning.

Mirror, Mirror

A focal-point mirror and wall-mount lamps frame this spacious bathroom vanity. Ample cupboards and drawer space make it easy to stow bathroom necessities.

Odds and Ends

Nighttime necessities are only an arm's reach away in this master bedroom. A nightstand with a shelf for books and a drawer for small items continues the home's modern rustic style, as does whitewashed wood paneling and a studded bed frame.

Walk-In Closet

Separate his-and-her areas and double-decker hanging rods ensure twice the storage power in this master walk-in closet. Seating, like a plush futon, makes it possible to stop and sit awhile.

Two-Sided Jewelry Box

This little dresser-on-wheels has drawers on both sides so two people can use it. A tray on top collects pretty containers and everyday jewelry, while a divider in the top drawer organizes more occasional baubles.

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