A Victorian Manor Packed with Playful Decor

Life inside this fun house is lively and fast-paced—just how the family likes it. The energy is contagious, carrying through to playful, colorful, and slightly unpredictable decor.

Unassuming Exterior

The exterior of this 1900s Victorian home stays true to its origins. On the outside, the house remains stately and classical in tribute to its historical roots. On the inside, the decor combines two homeowner design styles: midcentury furniture and graphic artwork with attitude for one, plus romantic carved frames, old oil paintings, and hardware with history for the other.

Festive Foyer

The foyer hints at the style mash-up animating the house. Mod pillows and a cobalt lacquered console contemporize a window seat and beveled paneling. Benjamin Moore's Cloud Cover is used throughout, but wall paint is flat finish and trim is enamel finish. Peel-and-stick arrow decals are playful, not permanent.

Distinctive Dining

Grass-cloth walls and an oak trestle table warm and soften the dining room's formal architecture. The look is clean and classic. The chairs are an unexpected mix of colors and styles. Tall ebony ladder-backs and low-profile midcentury Wishbone-style chairs in olive, yellow, and walnut harmonize thanks to smooth finishes and woven seats. Abstract paintings above a built-in buffet are a low-cost way to pump up the color.

Snuggle Up

A mustard-hue sofa provides a neutral backdrop for the couple's vibrant and playful decor. A busy collage-style gallery wall counters symmetrical arrangements found elsewhere in the home. Pink pillows and a cobalt tray incorporate the bright shades featured in the artwork.

Cozy Music Room

This music room looks comfortable and inviting thanks to soft fabrics and warm wood tones. Here, the homeowners take lessons from a vintage piano that was a lucky Craigslist find. Their French bulldog, Sully, relaxes under the bench on a faux-cowhide rug made of carpet tiles cut into an organic shape. A wing-back chair echoes the color of the sofa in the adjoining living room, tying the spaces together.

Candid Kitchen

Bold navy walls (Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy HC-154) are striking but not overwhelming thanks to a balance of lighter neutrals throughout the rest of the kitchen. Copper chairs add some much-needed warmth to balance out the color scheme and cool stainless fixtures, while a Glo-Ball pendant is a simple but eye-catching anchor.

Floral Inspiration

Large-scale floral wallpaper, a vintage-style sink, and antique-brass fixtures fulfill the homeowner's love of romantic style. Long, narrow sconces in opal glass and brass bring some industrial-inspired glam. A large oval mirror helps reflect light and visually expand the small bathroom.

Prismatic Playroom

Graphic Eames-inspired wallpaper sets a bright, playful tone for kids who are ready to play. The commercial-grade carpet consists of two shades of 24-inch hexagonal gray tiles glued in a random placement; tiles change out easily in case of spills. Built-in cabinetry creates display space for books and toys, as well as deep drawers for tucking away art supplies and crafts materials.

Opposites Attract

Color unites all the home's opposites: a prismatic mix of saturated hues grounded by black, white, and natural wood tones. The theme continues in the bedroom, where neutral furniture balances a medley of funky patterns on an area rug, throw blankets, decorative pillows, and a bedspread.

Mix and Match

Unexpected surprises continue in the children's bedrooms. Vibrant shades of pink, yellow, and blue provide playful pops of color, while a midcentury nightstand and tufted headboard continue the homeowner's love for both retro and traditional decor.


  1. I find it bright, breezy, and delightfully eclectic, while keeping the architectural details of this Victorian home largely intact. There is a lot of fun, love, and creativity in this home.

  2. I’m sorry but I have never seen such a confusion of color, structure, and theme. I’m very surprised at BHG who usually impress with taste, wit, fun, and contemporary usage,

    1. pickymomof2, part of ones expression of opinion need not be rude. This comment is Blatantly rude and uncalled for. There’s no need for that.

    2. Part of commenting is stating your opinions good or bad. It’s how changes, improvements happen! So someone doesn’t like it while someone else does! No big deal - that’s what makes us all different —if everyone thought the same—life would be BORING! Please let people comment their opinions...there is no right or wrong answers here ...in fact I find ALL comments interesting to read and thank goodness for the variety! Noellereagan... this vintage house decor isn’t according to what you think... everyone is entitled to their opinion and I like reading the variety of opinions here.

    3. My long rant above was aimed at barbara.morgan98, just to be clear.

    4. I’m going to say what everyone else who read your rude comment was thinking- if you live in a glass house, it's advised you don't throw stones. In other words, to be so condescending and judgmental, while being so grammatically incorrect makes you look... Well... Dumb. No one takes a person- such as yourself, who's yet to wrap their mind around proper use of punctuation in the English language- with any degree of serousiness or respect at all. Next time, disparage with a little class if you MUST do so- AND proper punctuation. Or better yet, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it AT ALL. That's the basic rules of fair play taught to us by our mamas as soon as we're able to speak, is it not? Maybe you missed this lesson. Was mom out sick that day? Regardless, this is someone's home, and I think it's brave and admirable to color outside of the lines and refuse to abide by stuffy rules of what's socially acceptable. I'd venture to guess your home is shades of boring beige. But that's enough of stooping to your level.
      Rant concluded.
      But really, am I right about the beige?
      And in closure, if you are wondering, I do not know the individual who owns the home featured here, nor do I know the author of this piece. Or anyone at BHG for that matter. I simply think your very rude and your comment was very uncalled for. (See my use of a period versus a comma at the end of my contribution? Follow my lead.)

    5. I absolutely love it ! It's fun, Playful, colorful and bold. A wonderful mix of colors Just makes me feel happy.

  3. I actually love what they have done! This is a home that welcomes a lively family and their guests. I'm a bit shocked by the negative comments I've read. Obviously a happy home to live in!

  4. While this is not necessarily my taste, and I don’t understand some of the arrangements, I’m reminded that decorating is very much about what works for the individual. I’m also reminded that homes don’t have to be “matchy-matchy”. Sometimes it’s nice to take risks. I wish I had that confidence in my own home!

  5. I think it suits the homeowners taste. I say that to say people that make negative comments toward BHG are actually making negative comments towards the homeowners that BHG has chosen to display. I say to say we should all be respectful of BHG and the homes they display.

  6. I like a lot of color and I guess it is a matter what one likes. They apparently liked it and I think it was well done.

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