This Cottage Makeover is All in the Details

Pam Zundel dreams about the details in life that bring her joy. Fresh blooms, vintage prints, and eclectic collections at an affordable price are all part of that dream. With her husband, son, and two pets by her side, she has built her happy place in her Denver home.

Before: Could-Be Charmer

When Tom and Pam moved into their 1930s cottage, they had great ideas for the future. Wild landscaping scattered the front yard, but a glimmer of potential stood out from the all-white home. 

Through the changing seasons, Pam has kept a record of her progress on her blog, Simple Details, where she collects every trend, style, and penny saved during her years of decorating. The result is her ever-changing home, beautiful and full of inspiration for all her readers to see. 

After: Fresh Curb Appeal

Before they could dig into the details, the curb appeal was in need of a major renovation, starting with the overgrown yard. The couple kept the cottage charm with blooming wildflowers and greenery lining the flagstone path to the front door. 

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Dainty Front Porch

Small flourishes add charisma to the front porch and threshold. Window boxes filled with overflowing plants work with the large ceramic pots placed on pedestals to create a cottage setting. The details are what bring whimsy to the curb appeal.

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Tight Entry

Pam's cottage home came with many impressive features, but the size of her foyer was not one of them. It was too small to even fit a piece of furniture! Instead of moving on, Pam added a touch of sass to the area with an adorable polka dot-inspired wall stencil. It makes quite the statement from the first steps in the home.

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Before: Basic Chairs

Most would turn their heads from this unsightly furniture. But, being the queen of revival, Pam was able to turn these outdated chairs into statement pieces. 

After: Pattern Revival

All it needed was an upholstery overhaul and a natural wood finish for the chair to come to life. The playful patterns in this room keep up the eclectic charm from the rest of the home. 

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Hutch Makeover

A dark hutch can really close off a room and look uninviting. A fresh coat of chalk-finish paint flipped this furniture piece into a much lighter, usable hutch Pam would actually want to show off fragile vases and dishes in.

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Gold-Trim Kitchen

This kitchen is stunning. On her blog, Pam explains how she revamped her range hood for under $70! The gold trim really pops against the muted colors and adds an element of elegance to the room when paired with the hanging chandeliers.

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Dining Room Redo

When you have a great fabric, show it off. Pam loves that these chairs in her dining room have open backs to see through to the pattern. She totally transformed these vintage chairs with the bold prints for a more contemporary flair.

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Unexpected Ceiling

True to her blog, Pam knows it’s all about the details. She transformed her dining room by outlining a pattern in her ceiling with nailhead tacks. Before you pinch your neck just thinking about it, see how she used strips of tacks instead of individually placing each one. It still wasn’t the easiest project she tackled, but is was worth it.

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Before: Dated Dresser

Inside, Pam got to play with bold colors and patterns -- and she made quite the lasting impression. She scored with a curbside dresser she found for free in her neighborhood. 

After: Very Vibrant

After a little TLC and a fresh coat of paint, this dresser was better than new. Pam pulled her color inspiration from a pair of teal pants (genius!). A matching gold mirror resting on top of the surface really ties the whole piece together. 

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Before: Gaudy Headboard

A common theme on Pam’s blog is finding something she doesn’t already love and changing that. For example, this stunning headboard that was a blood-red color. She painted over it with a muted blue but kept the intricate gold accents. The result is gorgeous.

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After: Style Statement

Pam painted over the existing headboard with a muted blue but kept the intricate gold accents. The result is gorgeous. A matching gold decoration above the mirror ties the elements together. 

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Vintage Vanity

Pam let the details talk for themselves with this bathroom sink makeover. Instead of painting the vanity's trim with an accent color, she kept it in all one hue. This works with the small size of the room and matches the modern cottage feel.

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Backyard Overhaul

Quite a bit of work was poured into the back patio, but Pam agrees it was worth it. She painted the deck black, which serves as a stark contrast to the white house. The black also keeps cool in the shade, which provides a perfect place for her dog to lie while the couple enjoys drinks with friends.

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