A modern remodel (with a dash of boho flair) gave this Kansas kitchen and living space new life. The designer, Jaclyn Joslin, shared her process and decorating tips.

By Jenny Krane; Photos by Sarah Sweeney

This kitchen and living room in Prairie Village, Kansas, got a light and bright update with the help of designer Jaclyn Joslin, founder of home decor store Coveted Home. The moody masculine decor didn't fit the taste of the homeowners, who felt like the home wasn't living up to its fullest potential. With her interior design background and eye for picking the perfect pieces, Jaclyn was able to transform the outdated open floor plan into a seamless entertaining area. The soft, modern accents give the space new life and make the overall feeling of the main floor more inviting and cozy.

Before: Two-Tone Wood Finishes

How would you describe your design style?

My design style is diverse but always rooted in comfort.

Do you have any design rules?

A space should be three things: functional, balanced, and edited with a heavy hand.

After: Light and Bright Gray

Where do you find design inspiration?

Most of my inspiration comes from my travels! If I can't get away, I'll pop open one of my many coffee table design books or magazines.

Who are your mentors or those you look up to?

In business, my father mentored me before he passed away in 2014. In design, I look up to Nickey Kehoe, Nate Berkus, Peter Dunham, Angie Hranowsky, Studio Pepe, just to name a few.

Before: Dark Den

What are your go-to colors (paint or otherwise)?

I'm obsessed with ocher and mustard right now. My favorite colors are always changing, so I can't say I have a tried and true color that I always go to.

Favorite piece of decorating advice:

Take your time. It's especially important when moving into a new home. Don't try to buy everything until you have lived in the space for a while and understand the flow of the home and how you will use it.

After: Muted Color

Biggest decorating challenge for this space:

The fireplace was definitely the most challenging for this space. Originally, we had an entirely different plan for the wall the fireplace is on, but once the demo got underway and we found the brick underneath, everything changed.

What was most important when designing this space?

As with any room I design, it's a careful balance of my influence and the clients' taste. For instance, with this client, she mentioned many times that she loves color. However, most of her inspiration rooms she showed me were very neutral. I tried blending these two dichotomies as well as providing her with a style that was updated, classic, and comfortable.

How has your style evolved over time?

When I first started design, I was bent on sustainable design. I slowly drifted away from that for a while, but now I feel like I'm gravitating back towards it. I feel like design has become a mass-produced commodity as of late. Now, I'm interested in timeless and thoughtfully curated spaces that have longevity, which is inherently sustainable, and aren't riddled with design trends.

Before: Drastic Separation

What is your process when approaching a new project?

First, I meet with the clients in their home and discuss how they use the space and their dream rooms. Then, to get my creative juices flowing, I'll start gathering some inspirational room images. It's normally about two weeks before I actually start putting things together because I like to mull the space over in my head. Next, I'll start planning the layout of the space and finally start selecting specific pieces of furniture, fabrics, paint, art, and accessories.

After: Smooth Breezeway

What is your favorite element in this living room and kitchen?

I love how the kitchen and living room in this house are open, but still two distinct spaces. The kitchen light fixture is a great statement piece, but I'm obsessed with the custom walnut mantel!

What were the "must-haves" for these spaces?

Comfort is at the core of all of my designs. For this particular space, the owners wanted a space for lounging and watching TV and movies. They also wanted to be able to entertain easily and have space for their dogs.

Where do you think it is appropriate to splurge and to save when it comes to design?

I suggest splurging on quality upholstery—particularly your sofa. If you buy cheaply made, uncomfortable furniture, you won't be comfortable and will most likely end up getting rid of it in a few years. I love saving money on art by finding pieces from places like Etsy that have lesser known artists that still produce great work.

How do you balance style and function?

Patience. I start with the function and then search for the right piece. I may not find it immediately, but I know if I'm patient the right thing will pop up.

Do you have any favorite stores for finding decor?

Besides my store, Coveted Home, I love supporting other small businesses. Sid & Co and the River Market Antique Mall are both local to Kansas City. I also frequent Jayson Home, The Savoy Flea, Lawson Fenning, Hollywood at Home, Nickey Kehoe, and Chairish.