Guess How Much This Makeover Costs

Or should we say: Guess how LITTLE these makeovers cost? See the Befores and the fab Afters, and then take a stab at how much the transformations cost. You might be surprised!

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    BEFORE: Dark and Basic

    This powder room is one of the first things guests see when entering the house, and its appearance was anything but attractive. But a bold makeover with a budget-minded approach proved to be a game-changer.

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    After: Pretty Powder Room

    A bold indigo wall color and even bolder wallpaper amp up the style of this bathroom. Other new additions -- including the blocky vanity, toilet with vintage styling, a window treatment, and a mirror -- also win style points. New stone-look vinyl tile flooring anchors the dazzling color scheme. Hooking up the new fixtures to existing plumbing and electrical locations saved money. The homeowners also hung the light fixture upside down to take advantage of an existing electrical box placed high on the wall.

    So what's the cost? 

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    Pretty Powder Room Grand Total

    Grand Total: $839

    Budget Breakdown

    Vanity: $284

    Faucet: $109

    Toilet: $179

    Floor tile: $50

    Paint: $22

    Wallpaper: $59

    Light fixture: $17

    Mirror: $89

    Window treatment: $30

    Costs do not include labor unless noted.

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    Before: Has-Been Kitchen

    Wanting big changes on a small budget, these homeowners set out to revamp their kitchen and tackle tired red walls, rundown cabinets, and overall blah-ness.

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    After: Cheerful Kitchen

    Paint was essential to this makeover. A collection of vintage blue-green pottery provided the inspiration for the bright blue cabinet color. The new backsplash gains interest with creative installation: the white ceramic subway tiles were stacked horizontally and separated by glass ceramic tiles stacked vertically. Additional updates included a new faucet, stone-look laminate countertops, new lights, and cabinetry pulls.

    So what's the cost?

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    Cheerful Kitchen Grand Total

    Grand Total: $2,293

    Budget Breakdown

    Faucet: $347

    Countertops, includes labor: $1,004

    Fabric: $70

    Paint (for cabinets): $128

    Paint (for ceiling): $29 

    Paint (for walls): $61

    Paint (for stools): $61

    Primer: $64 

    Tile: $194

    Ceiling light: $99

    Decorative paper: $28 (for back of glass-front cabinets)

    Hinges: $67

    Pendant lights: $78

    Pulls: $63

    Costs do not include labor unless noted.

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    Before: OK Master Bath

    This master bathroom was sufficient, but it lacked personality. The homeowner saw plenty of potential, so rather than taking a sledgehamer to her so-so bath, she tapped into innovative repurposing and style-enhancing DIYs.

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    After: Master Bath Refresh

    The homewoner painted the existing vanity a pretty turquoise blue and added new hardware. She then turned her attention to the large run-of-the-mill plate-glass mirror above by framing it with ceramic tile applied with building-material adhesive. Chair-rail molding, antique hooks, and a decorative chandelier infused the soaking-tub space with character.

    So what's the cost?

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    Master Bath Refresh Grand Total

    Grand Total: $200

    Budget Breakdown

    Hardware: $75

    Paint and primer for vanity: $35

    Chair-rail molding: $9

    Paint: $25

    Ceramic tile and glue for mirror: $25

    Antique hooks: $21

    Candle chandelier: $10

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    Before: Almost-There Kitchen

    The size was great, the layout worked well, and the appliances were practically new -- but the kitchen still didn't wow.

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    After: Chic-on-a-Dime Kitchen

    With busy schedules, the homeowners outsourced a lot of the labor but chose all the products ahead of time to ensure the project could keep moving forward. So what did they do? Plenty. The cabinets were painted, a new backsplash was installed, and new light fixtures above both the island and eating area replaced dated predecessors. The laminate countertops stayed, but the decorative wooden edge was painted. After using a handsaw to enlarge the opening in the countertop, the homeowner and his dad installed a stainless-steel sink and high-arc, pull-down faucet. New hardware, window treatments, and bright yellow stools complete the look.

    So what's the cost?

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    Chic-on-a-Dime Kitchen Grand Total

    Grand Total: $2,082

    Budget Breakdown

    Faucet: $290

    Sink: $100

    Cabinet hardware: $162

    Paint (for cabinets): $140

    Paint (for ceiling): $50

    Paint (for walls): $33

    Tile: $419

    Mortar: $26

    Grout: $13

    Metal finishing strips for tile: $16

    Drum-shade pendant: $353

    Curtain hardware: $39

    Fabric: $175

    Island pendants (2): $266

    Costs do not include labor unless noted.

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    Before: Bedraggled Bathroom

    This builder-grade bath had taken a beating over its 30-year existence. Budget-friendly solutions renewed the space and infused style.

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    After: Bath with Everyday Style

    Demolition kicked off the makeover, with everything removed except the bathtub and its surround. A contractor removed the doors, sanded off any debris, and sprayed the tub with epoxy -- a makeover solution that came in at a fraction of the cost to replace the tub. The designer put on her bargain-hunting hat and tracked down a discounted vanity with a solid-surfacing countertop and rich finish. Other luxe-look choices include brushed-nickel fixtures, a comfort-height toilet, and a tile-look vinyl floor. Accessories such as baskets, art, and a rug complete the makeover.

    So what's the cost?

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    Bath with Everyday Style Grand Total

    Grand Total: $934

    Budget Breakdown

    Vanity with countertop, sink, and mirror: $299 

    Epoxy paint (for tub): $40

    Faucet: $89

    Showerhead: $20

    Toilet: $98

    Flooring: $40

    Paint: $25

    Light fixture: $40

    Baskets: $25

    Birch wood and hooks: $40

    Framed print: $40

    Rug and towels: $60

    Shower curtain and liner: $40

    Shower curtain rod: $40

    Towel ring and paper holder: $38

    Costs do not include labor unless noted.

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