20 Must-See Designs from Our Fall 2021 One Room Challenge

This season's featured designers pulled off incredible transformations over just seven weeks.

The fall 2021 One Room Challenge has officially come to a close, and it's finally time to reveal the completed designs. Over the past seven weeks, this season's featured designers, along with hundreds of guest participants, have been hard at work revamping a space of their choice. Now in its 10th year, the semiannual online event has historically taken place over five weeks, but the timeline was extended to account for potential shipping delays and other pandemic-related challenges.

After patiently waiting since the kickoff on September 29, you can now check out the impressive transformations in their final form. Below, we share a glimpse of each featured designer's makeover, but you can see more photos and learn all the design details on each participant's website (linked below). Then go check out the incredible guest participant designs on Instagram via #oneroomchallenge and #bhgorc. And stay tuned for details on the next One Room Challenge, coming in spring 2022.

kids play area with wallpaper and shelves
Courtesy of Albie Knows

Albie Knows

Albie Buabeng of Albie Knows tackled a space in her home she calls the "flex lounge," which connects four surrounding rooms. Now, the area serves as a multipurpose space for homeschooling, working from home, and fitness. Albie used reversible design updates like plug-in wall sconces and removable wallpaper for even more flexibility.

gray bedroom with neutral decor
Courtesy of At Home With Savvy

At Home with Savvy

Demetrius Robinson of At Home with Savvy transformed his partially decorated bedroom into a tailored, masculine oasis using renter-friendly updates. Inspired by his favorite boutique hotels, the design juxtaposes light and dark elements for a rich, inviting feel. Muted gray walls with a slight green undertone provide a neutral foundation, while layers of texture, black accents, and a dramatic brass chandelier provide the finishing touches.

bedroom with jewel-tone decor
Courtesy of Beth Diana Smith

Beth Diana Smith

Interior designer Beth Diana Smith transformed her bedroom and office space for this season's ORC. Distinguished by fluted walls and layers of greens and earth tones, the bedroom now functions as a cavernous retreat. Her revamped office inspires creativity with beautiful art and wallpaper. Additionally, she gave the connecting hallway a painted makeover with a new railing and art.

colorful boho bedroom with bamboo four poster bed
Courtesy of Eclectic Twist

Eclectic Twist

Tina Bousu from Eclectic Twist tackled two bedrooms with her toughest clients to date: her teenage children. By combining their requested features with bold color, pattern, and DIY projects, she created personalized spaces that can double as guest rooms. One bedroom mixes abstract wallpaper, retro neon accents, and a platform bed to evoke a mod hotel design. The other features a vintage bamboo bed, lithograph print wallpaper, and a Moroccan rug for a boho-meets-Bali feel. Tina also installed hardwood throughout and updated the second-level walkway that connects the spaces with a new railing.

staircase with great room beyond
Courtesy of Erika Ward Interiors

Erika Ward Interiors

Erika Ward of Erika Ward Interiors updated the entry, great room, and dining room of her family's builder-grade, open-concept home. The new design stylishly greets the family when they return home each day. "We work hard and it's important that we are able to visibly see and enjoy the fruits of our labor," Erika says. Makeover details include upgraded architectural details, wall coverings, lighting, and furnishings.

pantry with black tile and lighted shelves
Courtesy of From House to Home

From House to Home

Jenna Rutherford of From House To Home took her pantry from builder-grade to one-of-a-kind. The previously cramped and overcrowded space now features custom-built DIY cabinets, new shelving, and a sleek tile backsplash. Warm wood tones and a creamy white paint color keep the pantry cozy.

gold light fixture with black and white gallery wall
Courtesy of G. Lebron Interiors

G. Lebron Interiors

This fall, Gloribell Lebron from G. Lebron Interiors updated her primary bedroom to achieve a more relaxing, luxurious feel. Although the room had undergone some spruce-ups in the past, this redesign elevated its style with layers of texture and custom elements. The new fabrics, wallpaper, furniture, and color choices converge to create a sophisticated retreat.

room with wood floors and light pink walls
Courtesy of Goldalamode


Cara Irwin of Goldalamode worked alongside her husband to renovate the home office in their new fixer-upper. The goal was to create a calm, inspiring space filled with architectural details where she can run her business. Because the walls were in such bad shape, the pair took the room down to the studs before refinishing the floors and transforming a basic closet with an arched opening, fluted back wall, and open shelving.

collage of outdoor area with shed
Courtesy of Home Made by Carmona

Home Made by Carmona

Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona overhauled the garden shed in her backyard for this season's One Room Challenge. The outdoor area now includes a glamorous artist's studio complete with a greenhouse addition. The exterior of the shed, which is located in her potager garden, features a deck addition where she can sit and enjoy her plants.

neutral bedroom with blush wall mural
Courtesy of Impeccable Nest

Impeccable Nest

Kimberly Carole and Emma Carole Paradis, the duo behind Impeccable Nest, refreshed their home's primary suite. With tiles falling off the shower walls, the space sorely needed an update. In the bedroom, they expanded the existing layout by creating a nook to recess the bed. Bathroom upgrades and colorful details, including a painted floor pattern and beautiful wall mural, upgraded the once-dreary space.

dining room with dark blue walls and white light fixtures
Courtesy of Jeweled Interiors

Jeweled Interiors

Jewel Marlowe of Jeweled Interiors tackled the dining room, entryway, and family room in her clients' Washington, D.C.-area home. She filled each space with saturated colors, gorgeous wallpapers, and her signature style. The eclectic mix features a mash-up of eras and styles and, by the client's request, animal print in each room.

glam bedroom with patterned wallpaper
Courtesy of Joyful Design Studio

Joyful Designs Studio

Joy Williams from Joyful Designs Studio worked with her fiancé to transform two spaces—one for rest and one for work—800 miles apart. In Georgia, a once-dingy bedroom became a feminine, pattern-filled retreat, while a former guest bedroom became a work-from-home space in Chicago. The new office exudes a dark, moody feel with lots of art and a desk Joy designed and had made locally.

living area with blue sectional and large wall art
Courtesy of Joy Street Design

Joy Street Design

Kelly Finley and her team at Joy Street Design renovated a youth shelter in Hayward, California. Through their sister nonprofit, Joy Street Initiative, the team worked with Ruby's Place, an innovative nonprofit with a focus on ending domestic violence and human trafficking. The project spanned three bedrooms, a bathroom, and living space and included new flooring, tile, paint, trim, and furniture. The result is a colorful homey environment that will serve as a safe place for young people to recharge and restore.

library with dark blue walls and gold accents
Courtesy of Our Fifth House

Our Fifth House

Carmel Phillips of Our Fifth House took on two spaces, dressing up her home library, which doubles as a media room, and the attached covered porch. Bold colors and patterns and a mix of vintage and new furnishings fill the rooms with a cozy, collected feeling. Metallic wallpaper on the ceiling and antique mirror subway tiles add a layer of timeless elegance.

neutral kitchen with cane back island stools
Courtesy of Peony & Honey

Peony & Honey

Erika from Peony & Honey renovated her kitchen after years of temporary solutions, including removable wallpaper, painted backsplash tile, and floating shelves. Inspired by Parisian style, her dream kitchen now fuses transitional design and sophisticated finishes. It boasts new countertops, tiles that stretch to the ceiling, and high-contrast pops of black paired with a muted neutral palette.

dark green kitchen with white tile backsplash
Courtesy of Pinch Plate Party

Pinch Plate Party

Lauren Comer of Pinch Plate Party gave her 2003 builder-basic kitchen a warm, moody makeover. She DIYed about 90% of the kitchen herself, building cabinet doors, boxes, and drawer fronts and installing flooring and tile. The kitchen now boasts green Shaker cabinets, spindle pulls, and grandmillennial-style wallpaper. These traditional elements pair with new floors, a glazed tile backsplash, and seeded glass accents for a personalized look.

entry table with gold mirror
Courtesy of Rebecca Propes

Rebecca Propes

The entryway of Rebecca Propes' home lacked interest and didn't reflect her fun, boho aesthetic. For a much-needed facelift, she added wallpaper panels, wood beams, and pink and gold accents. The carpeted stairs were replaced with luxury vinyl planks, and a pink banister brings fresh style to the space.

basement seating area with white furniture
Courtesy of Reem's Design

Reem's Design

Reem Hassaballa from Reem's Design transformed her least favorite room in the house: the dingy basement. The modern, coastal-inspired space now offers a cozy lounge her kids can enjoy. Chambray grass-cloth wallpaper sets a sophisticated tone, while a new sofa and ottoman from Jonathan Louis deliver an inviting sensation. Painted doors, new rugs, and hanging chairs tie the space together.

arm chair and acrylic table with layered rugs
Courtesy of Saudah Saleem Interiors

Saudah Saleem Interiors

Interior designer Saudah Saleem tackled three spaces for this fall's ORC: her primary bedroom, a shared bedroom for her school-aged son and daughter, and her teen son's bedroom. With updated flooring, decorative molding, a fresh coat of paint, lighting, and a new fireplace, the primary bedroom was completely transformed into a hotel-inspired retreat. In the shared kids' room, new furniture, light fixtures, an area rug, and a bold color choice on the walls created a space both kids will love and grow into. The final room went from a lackluster catch-all space to an updated teen room that features statement-making temporary wallpaper and a cool, "grown-up" feel.

seating area with dark brown patterned wallpaper
Courtesy of Whitney J Decor

Whitney J Decor

Although Whitney Jones of Whitney J Decor was happy with her living room for a while, she began to feel that the lack of lighting made the space feel dark and dated. To update the room, she applied wallpaper, added extra storage, and completely revamped her large home bar. The living room now features lots of color paired with neutral furniture that delivers a more sophisticated feel.

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