This Spanish-Style Bungalow Got a Contemporary Makeover

An amazing one-week redesign shows just how far color and wall art can go in transforming a space.

Beatrice Fischel-Bock decided it was time to give her West Hollywood Spanish-style bungalow a mature makeover. Beatrice is the CEO & cofounder of Hutch, a home decor tool that mixes 3D technology with online shopping to let you virtually redecorate your space. She finished this impressive home redesign in one week.  

She began the makeover with her bedroom and hoped to create a more elevated, feminine look. Making the most of vertical square footage with plenty of wall art and shelving, Beatrice opted for neutral linens to keep the room bright and airy. She added texture and dimension with thoughtful accents, like a wood side table and woven rug.

Beatrice's living room is all about the ensemble. She spiced up a crisp white sofa with patterned pillows and a textured throw, and adorned surfaces like consoles and a matte black fireplace mantel with eclectic accents. Beatrice tied the living room together with a vintage-style rug.

The kitchen and dining nook bring natural shades of green and orange together with tropical plants and orange floor tiles. A grass light fixture above the dining table picks up the orange tones of the clay floors in the adjacent kitchen. The galley kitchen makes a bold statement with turquoise backsplash tiles and green glass hardware.

Before: Stark White

How would you describe your design style?

I would say my style is California contemporary collected. I gravitate towards neutrals for key pieces and like to bring in color with accents and art.

Do you have any design rules?

Don't hang art too high and always have fresh cut flowers.

Favorite piece of decorating advice:

Buy things that you love and invest in the core pieces.

After: Soft Warmth

Where do you find design inspiration?

My travels! I live bi-coastal so I get to experience the best of both New England and southern California. My family lives in London, and I love going to museums and exploring architecturally interesting spaces.

Who are your mentors or those you look up to?

Ever since Sean Rad discovered our team on an episode of Shark Tank, he's been a personal and professional mentor of mine. He has a brilliant product-focused mind, and has been a strong and important voice in the way I am as a CEO and for the company as a whole. I know that I will give back in the way he gave to me.

Were there any "must-have" items you planned your design around?

I love pink, but when looking to update the design of my place, I wanted it to feel more adult. I ended up finding the perfect blush pink chair on Hutch and designed my living room around that piece.

Proudest DIY/design moment:

The olive "tree" in my living room. It's just branches in a pot!

Where do you think it is appropriate to splurge and to save when it comes to design?

Splurge on rugs. Handmade and wool rugs will last generations and get better with age. Save on accent pieces like a console table or lamp, as you may grow tired of the style over time and won't feel guilty about replacing those pieces.

How do you balance style and function?

I think it depends on the space. For instance, my bedroom is the size of a closet, so each item needed to have a function but also be stylish. When you have a larger space to play with, it truly depends on your lifestyle. I love my white sofa, but I know that white sofas are not the most practical for everyone.

Before: Barely-There Art

Biggest decorating challenge in this home:

One of the biggest challenges was definitely my bedroom. It is an extremely small space and I was looking to create a more feminine, elevated, and relaxed yet stylish feel. This led me to the idea of designing a gallery wall in order to incorporate these different elements into the space.

What was most important when designing your home?

I was looking to do an overall refresh of my space. For my bedroom, my goal was to create a feminine, relaxed, and stylish feel. For my living room, and for my entire home, I was really looking to create a cohesive look and elevated, collected style that I would feel comfortable coming home to from my nonstop work days and travels.

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After: Gallery Glamour

How has your style evolved over time?

Throughout the years, my style has evolved and matured for a variety of factors. In addition to travel, which I think will always have a significant influence on my style and its evolution, I also enjoy visiting flea markets and garage sales and have collected bits and pieces of decor and art over time. I love the juxtaposition of old and new, and believe that mixing these items end up complementing each other in the perfect way. 

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Do you have any favorite stores for finding decor?

Hutch, of course! Our designer-curated tool is filled with an array of items that are both high and low and reflective of all styles. We are constantly adding in items each day, so it's exciting to always see new decor when browsing our shop section or new content pieces.

What is your favorite element in your home?

The tile work in the kitchen, bathroom, and living room hearth are definitely my favorite architectural elements. Our landlord remastered the house and did the tile so that it reflects the 1920s style of when the house was built. But I also love the vaulted ceiling in the living room.


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