The interior designer and TV star shares his favorite makeovers from four seasons of filming.

By Mallory Abreu
August 09, 2019

Queer Eye, the heartwarming hit Netflix reality show, would hardly be complete without Bobby Berk's amazing home makeovers. But Berk's projects go beyond appearances, adding functionality and order to their owners' lives. Check out his favorites from four seasons of makeover magic.

disorganized dated bedroom with blue walls
cozy hygge bedroom with neutral tones
Left: Credit: Christopher Smith / Netflix
Right: Credit: Christopher Smith / Netflix

1. Safe Haven

Berk's priority was to create a bedroom that felt like a protective retreat for Brandonn (Season 4), a veteran struggling with PTSD. Building an alcove to slide the bed into and painting the headboard wall a deep black creates a sense of envelopment and coziness.

dated and disorganized apartment main area
open living space with red kitchen and loft
Left: Credit: Denise Crew / Netflix
Right: Credit: Denise Crew / Netflix

2. Happy Camper

Color was the cure for Joey's uninspired cabin (Season 3). Berk removed cabinets above the kitchen peninsula to let the counter function as an eating area then painted the remaining cupboards fire-engine red. "It's a cabin. I didn't want to fight what it is. I wanted it to feel warm and rustic."

before shot of apartment in disarray
clean modern sitting area with abstract art
Left: Credit: Christopher Smith / Netflix
Right: Credit: Christopher Smith / Netflix

3. Rhythm and Rest

Subtle color, metallics, and graphic elements brought new energy to dance team coach wand's tired living room (Season 4). Blush- and cream-color furniture recedes so the mix of black-and-white prints and gold and copper accents never overwhelms.

dated disorganized living room with torn couch
bobby berk style warm living room from queer eye
Left: Credit: Christopher Smith / Netflix
Right: Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

4. Home Base

Berk's goal for Jess (Season 3), who hadn't had a permanent house since age 16, was to add furnishing that would encourage her to spend time at home. Swapping floor cushions for a sofa and chairs and emphasizing the fireplace with black paint turned the once-stark living room into a gathering zone.


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