Bland to Bright: The Basement Transformation of the Year

See how a bare-bones basement transformed into a light, bright hangout just right for big gatherings, family nights, and sleepovers.

Before: Cold Concrete

Stop wasting available space in your home. Give your basement an upgrade! This basement was a blank canvas and held so much potential. The homeowner had three requirements: no bad lighting, no wall-to-wall carpet, and no ugly ceiling tiles.

After: Playfully Modern

This basement transformed from bleak to sleek. The simple color palette of black, white, and wood sets the stage for flashy accent colors. A half-wall that incorporated a vital structural column became a natural separation between a new TV area and crafting space. To make the raw space into a thoroughly modern family hangout, the homeowner started with surfaces. Tile flooring is ideal for easy cleanup and potential basement flooding.

Colored to Perfection

Ash ceiling planks make a warm contrast to the white walls and lend a nautical feel to the children's seating area. The addition of a chalkboard wall is an easy and cheap way to give kids a personalized play area.

Captivating Kitchenette

This kitchenette is simple, clean, and modern. A notch cut in the drop ceiling allowed for a large egress window (the code-required emergency exit for basements or bedrooms) that gives the room an extra dose of natural light. Clean lines echo between the black countertops, floating shelves, and white subway tile. Fridge handles wrapped with gold metallic tape add a hint of sparkle.

Eclectic Living Area

Everything about this family room is playful—from the bright, contrasting colors to the mix of geometric patterns. The light walls and contrasting ceiling make the area seem bigger. The clean lines of the tables and chairs also help keep the seating area light and airy.

Store with Style

Get everything you want in a basement, especially storage. These built-in cabinets gave the homowners the storage they needed without intruding on personal space. Cutout pulls simplify the long floor-to-ceiling wall of closets, which hold party-planning supplies.

Before: Grotesque Garage

To achieve the basement of their dreams, the homeowners divided this open garage space with a metal-framed wall covered with fire-resistant drywall. They reframed the garage door opening to fit French doors. They also moved the new bedroom's doorway to allow space for a corner bathroom in line with a new utilities closet and kitchenette.

After: Beach House Bedroom

A garage stall has never looked better. This space went from gloom to swoon after converting it to a guest bedroom. The white beaded board walls and fun accent colors make this space beachy and whimsical. A black-and-white rug ties the room to the rest of the basement.

Guest Room Relaxation

With a guest room this great, expect plenty of visitors. The simplicity makes the space feel contemporary, while a combination of vibrant colors and natural light cozies up the room. Pendant lights keep nightstands clear for guest essentials.

Amiable Amenities

No matter who you are hosting, your main priority is to ensure they are comfortable. Here ceiling fans allow guests to moderate room temperature. A dresser and closet help to clear up any floor space that would be taken over by luggage and personal items.


  1. Great makeover.

  2. MORE boring WHITE. GAG!

  3. This bedroom makes me happy. I would probably never leave. I love the bed frame!

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