6 Amazing Before-and-After Entryway Makeovers

Get inspired by these incredible before-and-after makeovers of entryways and then turn your own ho-hum entryway into a chic, functional space.

formal dining room wallpaper before

This old-school space wasn't working for the homeowners. When they remodeled, they put their family's function first and designed an entryway that leads into a main-floor playroom.

More Inspiring Before-and-After Room Makeovers

After: Light and Airy

raised ceiling modern door after

The homeowners wanted lots of light for their entryway. So they integrated a modern slatted front door and lots of windows into the space. They also raised the roof (literally) to bring added dimension and height.

Before: Definitely Dated

dated open staircase before

A mix of green wallpaper and wooden stairs defined this entryway before the remodel. Weathered linoleum flooring desperately needed to be replaced.

After: Modern Chic

modern gray white staircase after

Simple changes—like a fresh coat of white paint on the staircase—took this entry from meh to modern. A swatch of gray paint on each step imitates stepping-stones. Funky statement pieces like a hand stool and geometric pendant lighting add contemporary character.

Bold Entryways We Love

Before: Too Traditional

round room windows seating area before

Modeled after a formal parlor, this first-floor space only crowded the home's entry. Dated colors, furniture, and blinds made the parlor stuffy and dark.

After: Really Romantic

round room windows table after

Simple changes—a fresh coat of paint and new ceiling-height curtains—give this entry a brand-new look. Below the new pretty pendant light, a simple table for holding keys and mail replaced bulky furniture.The result? A romantic, airy space perfect for welcoming guests.

Before: Mixed Bag

family room pink walls before

This not-so-pretty-in-pink living room leads to what is now the home's entryway. The soft color scheme and conflicting traditional details felt incompatible and ready for an overhaul.

After: Cool and Collected


Fresh paint and built-in cabinetry transformed this entryway into an organizational haven. Bountiful storage—plus plush window seats—make the space pretty and practical. French windows bring in plenty of sunlight.

Before: Foyer Faux Pas

dated carpeted staircase before

There's nothing inherently wrong with this old entryway. It just needed some personal touches. Bland beige covers the walls and carpet; curvaceous trim on the staircase creates an outdated country feel.

After: Rustic Charm

entry, neutral, stone, wood-stain, before-and-after

Although the space is still fairly neutral, rustic accents—like exposed wood beams, stone flooring, and a fabric wall hanging—give the space character. Eggshell-color walls let the room's rugged textures stand out.

Before: Dark Neutrals

archway with table and mirror before

Too much stuff overshadowed this cozy nook's potential to be an eye-catching spot in the entry. Dark textures and paint colors made the space feel gloomy rather than welcoming.

After: Refreshing Color

archway wall covering seating nook

Fun patterned wallpaper and bright accent colors greet guests in style. Slate flooring was replaced with wide-plank, hand-scraped oak to warm the entryway. Little rustic touches add personality and nod to nature.

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