A Colorful Home with a Place for Everything

Living Room
Want to become more organized without sacrificing pretty color? Just check out this house. It's beautiful, bold, and has a place for everything.

Art Swaps

Too much art and too little wall space? Here's a genius solution: Hang clipboards in a hallway to allow for quick art swaps when the mood strikes. Arrange in a gallery style to accommodate a variety of artwork sizes.

Canvas and Cubes

Built-ins keep even a bustling mudroom organized. Within these convenient cubbies, grab-and-go monogrammed canvas totes provide storage for each person in the household. Use spare bags or baskets for sports gear, toys, and returns.

Clutter-Free Kitchen

Hide life's messes in the kitchen by avoiding glass doors and open shelving. Salvaged barnwood adds character and pairs with a vibrant patterned rug to break up this otherwise crisp white room. 

Drawer Items On Demand

Having a home for every item -- towels in the middle drawer, lunch storage in the shallow top drawer -- means never needing to waste time digging in the back of a cabinet. V-front drawers such as these are as effective as a lazy Susan and make the most of tight kitchen corners.

Maximize kitchen storage space in cabinets, drawers, and more with by taking a cue from this storage-packed kitchen.

Kitchen Storage Solutions

Use these smart tips to maximize your kitchen storage.

Entertaining Hub

If you love to entertain, zero in on a built-in hutch to store dishes and pull double duty as a bar or buffet. Spare odds and ends like hair accessories and writing utensils all find a place in this sizable hutch that serves as a drop spot for running out the door. To further maximize your dining room's entertaining potential, consider stackable metal chairs. They can be easily cleaned and stored in a closet until needed for additional guests.

Buffet Accents

An open center backed with penny tile and reclaimed wood shelves add style to this dining room hutch. Colorful dishware and copper accents pop against the pale green tiles, which offer a vintage vibe that complements the dining room's traditional decor.

Multipurpose Work Space

Built-in cabinets provide work space and storage to keep this basement workshop uncluttered. A pegboard wall painted to match the surrounding space artfully displays tools within easy reach.

Crafty Storage

Wanting to keep messy projects out of the kitchen, these homeowners opted to place their crafts area in a laundry room. The upper tier of the custom island provides a place for adults to fold laundry, while the desk below allows kids to create crafts or study.

Sink Solution

Woven baskets bring semiclosed storage to open cabinetry and make supplies portable. Detergent sits in a glass jar ready for scooping, and a step stool is at the ready for young ones to wash messy crafting hands.

Little Sipper

A wall-mount water fountain becomes a surprising time-saver; the kids and their friends can get sips without having to fill glasses. A blank wall above the fountain becomes a display area for crafts room artwork.

Bedroom Bliss

Bedside storage keeps this master bedroom tidy and the mood serene. The nightstand contributes an antique look and features a built-in charging station. Cords slip through a hole and into a power strip in the flip-up top. No drawers in your bedroom nightstand? Bring in a big basket.

Built-In Beauty

On a far bedroom wall, favorite art pieces and books are displayed in a recessed built-in -- one of the only places in the home where open storage trumps closed (but there's still plenty of that below for bathroom towels). Art hangs from the open bookcase for an added layer of interest and depth.

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