Unconcerned by decorating rules, a couple follows their hearts and roots to create a home filled with whimsical relics rich in meaning.

Exterior White House

The reverence for quiet simplicity spills out of the antiques-filled music room, across the whitewashed oak floors, and throughout the three-year-old house Courtney Yezerski and her husband, John Eric, created with architect Preston Shea in Franklin, Tennessee. Aged ceiling beams; tall, woodcased double-hung windows; and thick, blunt-edge molding give the house a sense of history that reminds the couple of their rural Kentucky upbringings. 

With a little help from friend and interior designer Kim Nunn, Courtney has filled rooms with a unique blend of contemporary and vintage furniture, striking light fixtures, and pedigreed art as well as family heirlooms that give spaces a personal edge. Guests also find a little bit of funk, like the tiny narwhal in the kitchen, whose mounted head hangs among an assemblage that includes a folk art painting and old stamps nabbed by Courtney at one of the area's many antiques stores that she loves to frequent.

Textile Color

Living room with fireplace

Courtney Yezerski delivered on husband John Eric's request for "dad chairs" in the living room with leather recliners sporting clean midcentury lines. Then she added her touch with bright textiles by artist Anna Maria Horner. A woven rug and worn wood beams bring a natural feel to the space.

Framed Feature

Photos on stairway wall

Courtney grew up surrounded by her mother's folk art, and she's cultivated an eye for curating displays. She likes to blend frames of different sizes and chooses art with simple themes and colors to turn plain walls into riveting galleries. The mix of sleek frames and unfinished canvas edges adds visual interest.

Bold Pattern

Dining room

Courtney's friend, interior designer Kim Nunn, helped her pick attention-getting light fixtures for the house, like the dining room's chandelier, which is made from thin white wood pieces. The mixed fabrics on the slipper chairs complement the color scheme of the bold window treatments. Brushed metal side chairs and a shelving unit bring in an industrial farmhouse feel.

Neutral Industrial

Kitchen with end shelves on island

The homeowners opted for an industrial-style poured concrete countertop for their large kitchen island to balance the look of new cabinets. Pendant lights with bentwood shades add rustic appeal, as does the matching white shiplap on the walls and island.

Vintage Vignette

Entryway wood table

Courtney likes to tuck 3-D elements into art groupings. A tiny narwhal head is featured in an arrangement above an aged workbench in the kitchen. Wire baskets and a galvanized tray add to the collected look in the farmhouse.

Happy Pantry

Wet bar

To make it a standout feature, the butler's pantry cabinetry is painted a sunny yellow—a departure from the white walls and gray woodwork throughout the house, which Courtney chose because they would recede and let art and furnishings take center stage. Instead, in this space, the geometric decorative tiles allow a more impressionistic piece of art to shine.

Cozy Kitchen

Breakfast nook

The kitchen hosts a custom table that combines old wood and iron for an aged appearance. A simple light fixture works to bring in as much natural light from the windows as possible. Bench seating saves space.

Thrifted Warmth

music room gray walls

To fill the walls in the music room, Courtney envisioned a cluster of old family portraits. Then she happened onto the guts of an upright piano in one of the picking stores in downtown Franklin, Tennessee. Golden tones in the worn floor rug, vintage frames, and piano hammer wall art warm up dark charcoal walls.

Eclectic Combo

front room gray walls
Credit: Anthony Masterson Photography

An old crank record player in the music room is flanked by a pair of new vintage-looking armchairs that are just right for enjoying a cup of coffee. Rough wood footstools pair interestingly with a mirrored, geometric side table for a collision of styles.

Play Hard

room with checkered floor

Replaceable carpet squares cushion the playroom where the Yezerski boys spend time creating at a long weathered workbench. Cloth baskets cleverly hang from beneath the workbench for tucked-away storage. Metal wall sconces match the light gray trim in the space.

Working Space

desk area

In the mudroom, a chair from Courtney's grandmother sidles up to a small desk from City Farmhouse, one of Courtney's favorite haunts in Franklin, Tennessee. A chalkboard organizer and wall pockets keep office supplies neat and tidy with a rustic flair.

Cowboy Digs

Bedroom man on horse paintingv

Courtney wove the colors from a cowboy painting by her mother's 80-year-old fiancé throughout the master bedroom to create a warm, eclectic look that speaks to Courtney's passion for personality-rich versus perfectly matched decor. A angled golden rug gives the basic beige carpet a dynamic finish.

Comments (9)

June 27, 2018
I love almost everything about this house! Really the only thing I would change is the kid's artwork gallery, but that's only personal preference for my own kid's and grandkids work. I might tuck it into an area in the kitchen where it would be in a more relaxed, intimate area.
June 27, 2018
can you tell us the brand of rugs in the pictures?
May 22, 2018
I'm more of a traditionalist, but I love the creativity displayed in this house. To me, the house shouts "happy"! And isn't that really what a home is about?
May 22, 2018
Can you identify the mid-century leather recliners in the living room?
May 21, 2018
I love the happy pantry.....it would make me smile every time I was there.
May 21, 2018
I think Farmhouse style should be left "Original Farmhouse Style" (Country), not modernized. The mixture, in my opinion, creates a tackiness in these photos. (Sorry)
May 21, 2018
While the colors wouldn't work for me, for you it's an appealing mixture of textures, colors and old and new. I like the way you've combined them. It gave me some hints of how to approach a few of my rooms, including my storage/pantry area. And I loved that copper round lamp hanging in the living room. My favorite room was the bedroom with the gold rug. VERY nice!
May 8, 2018
In the frame Eclectic Combo, love the 2 sidechairs! Where can I purchase them?
May 4, 2018
What is the light gray trim paint brand and color?