The past year was a whirlwind of decorating trends, styles, and spaces. Discover your top home tours of 2018, plus get a glimpse of what to expect in the new year.

By Hannah Bruneman
January 03, 2019

You clicked, we listened. In 2018, trends came and went, but homeowners' personal style truly shined. See which homes you loved the most this year, then click through each of the top 10 home tours from 2018 for stunning interior design inspiration.

10. Garden-Inspired Southern Home

This home tour captured one of the year's biggest trends: houseplants. Plants big and small help accent the Arkansas home’s natural features and create a homey atmosphere. Plus, there is a garden out back that you have to see to believe.

See the Southern home renovation.

9. Storage-Packed Kitchen Makeover

If you’re searching for kitchen storage ideas, look no further because this kitchen does it all. It’s really all about smart storage—not more storage. For example, these homeowners installed a pullout cutting board directly over the pullout trash bin below to make discarding scraps a cinch. Countertop appliances are hidden behind fold-up cabinet doors to reduce visual clutter.

See the entire storage-packed kitchen.

8. 550-Square-Foot Rental Bungalow

Rentals can be intimidating when it comes to decorating. There are often restrictions on paint and artwork, and limited available storage space. But this 550-square-foot California nails it with pops of color via accents the homeowners can take with them when they move. A pot rack hung on the side of the kitchen peninsula provides clever storage, while wall sconces free up the bedside tables for storage trays or containers.

Tour this California rental home.

7. Modern Meets Traditional San Francisco Home

This home is proof that it’s OK to mix styles—even if those styles seem to be polarizing. To mix traditional and modern tastes, homeowner and interior designer Grant K. Gibson stuck with classic features like built-in shelves around the fireplace and a wall-to-wall buffet in the dining room. The modern style comes out to play with bright, bold patterns in the textiles, wallpaper, and art.

See Grant K. Gibson's San Fransico home.

6. Galley Kitchen Renovation

A full kitchen renovation is no easy task. These homeowners were up to the challenge as they turned their small, dysfunctional galley kitchen into a large open space with a full kitchen island. The before and after pictures are almost unrecognizable, with a dividing wall missing and the entire first-floor layout of their home reworked.

See this galley kitchen renovation reveal.

5. Creative Cottage With Personality

This Texas home is part farmhouse, part cottage, and all charm. By mixing in elements like industrial open shelving in the kitchen and throw pillows and textiles with modern patterns in the living room, the home feels fresh rather than fussy. Every other piece of furniture or knick-knack in the home comes with a story, making it truly one of a kind.

Tour this vintage cottage home.

4. Before-and-After '80s Home Flip

For some homes, a statement sofa or sprawling kitchen island is the stand-out feature. In this 1,195-square-foot home, it’s the art. In every room, a mix of abstract art and photography stands out in black or wood frames. The Sacramento home features a neutral color scheme accented with navy blues, natural wood grain, and bold contrasting prints. You won't believe the beige before pictures!

Tour this contemporary home makeover.

3. Small Bungalow Home Tour

When working with tight quarters, every design decision counts. In the case of this small bungalow, many features have to perform multiple duties. For example, open shelving in the office makes a great place to display framed art and trinkets while also hiding office supplies in stylish baskets and magazine files. A soothing gray color scheme ties the entire home together.

See the small bungalow home tour.

2. Grace Mitchell's Colorful Flea-Market Home

Grace Mitchell, the interior designer behind A Storied Style, knows how to style flea market finds. She took full advantage of latticework in her Texas home's entryway to give the room plenty of texture. Her kitchen is painted a muted shade of sage green—a color that tastemakers are loving this year. Persian rugs dress up the floors in multiple rooms, tying the vintage flea market style together.

See Grace Mitchell's colo rful home.

1. Hilary Duff’s Home

Unsurprisingly, Hilary Duff’s Los Angeles home tops our list. With its millennial pink front door and a gorgeous light fixture overhead, we can't help but swoon. Inside, the colors are equally vibrant and the style is glam mid-century mod. Check out the bold patterned tile in her kitchen that’s also repeated on her patio bar and grill.

Tour Hilary Duff's LA home.


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