Texture Blocking Is the New Color Blocking

Meet color blocking's cool new cousin: texture blocking. This trend pairs two (or more) materials together—like marble and wood or copper and teak—for a chic, modern look.

The days of choosing just one material for a room are over. Texture blocking—or the practice of pairing multiple surfaces together—adds depth and rich contrast to a room. Get the look in your home with our ideas for texture-blocked flooring, countertops, walls, and more.

Counter Balance

Add contrast to a large slab of marble countertop by interspersing a section of wood. The look is not just pretty, it's also practical. The wood can double as a cutting board or serving tray. 

Rugged to Smooth

When incorporating different textures, look for existing architectural features in your home for inspiration, then add contrasting elements. In this room, the original rugged brick walls give way to sleek subway tiles for a unique texture-block design. Rich leather and soft faux fur complete the look. 

Geometry Lesson

Transitional floors seamlessly pair two types of flooring together. The look can be as subtle or as dramatic as you want—it depends on how much of each flooring type you use. This space uses equal parts monochromatic hexagon tile and rich hardwood floor panels for creative contemporary style.

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Rustic Chic

Tin paneling is a fairly affordable way to infuse texture into a space. Try adding a panel (or several) to a wall for a rustic look. We especially love this farmhouse material paired with reclaimed wood, concrete, and copper hardware.

Make It Marble

Allow your bathtub to take center stage by surrounding it with transitional marble tiles. The stark contrast between the cool geometric tiles and warm symmetrical hardwood makes an eye-catching bathroom floor design. Gold hardware throughout adds a touch of elegance. 

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Total Texture

Bathe in style with a mixed-metal tub. A copper basin coated in silver accent tiles is the perfect complement to this bathroom's heavily textured floor and walls. A giant window lets in lots of light to prevent the space from becoming too dark. 

Triple Threat

Consider dividing your space in half, thirds, or quadrants, and applying a different texture to each section. This room features brick, slate, and leather for the perfect blend of organic textures. Copper pendant lights bring the look together with a hint of shine.

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  1. I absolutely love this concept...I especially love the back bar wall made of slate and brick! I am remodeling my basement and you have given me some great ideas to create interest and durability to my painted walls!

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