You Can Do WHAT With Rubber Bands?!

The office essential does so much more than just bundling papers and small items.

The humble rubber band doesn't always get the credit it deserves. But the creators over at Howdini are here to show you 10 innovative new ways to use the small but mighty household object.

Keep a Door Unlocked

Never get locked out (or in) again! Place a rubber band on one handle, twist into an X-shape, then loop around the other handle for a door that stays open when needed.

Save a Stripped Screw

Frustrated by a stripped screw? Save your furniture by placing a rubber band between the screw head and screwdriver before resuming.  

Keep a Cutting Board in Place

Prevent slips and spills while slicing and dicing. Wrap two rubber bands around a cutting board, one on each end, for a sturdy prep surface.

Stop Paint Drips

Minimize paint mess by placing a rubber band vertically around the center of a can. Swipe your brush against the band to prevent drips and dribbles.

Prevent a Spoon From Slipping

We've all been there. You step away from your mix for even a minute and your spoon slides into whatever you're prepping. But not anymore! Wrap a rubber band around the end of a spoon or whisk and your utensil will stand upright until you're ready.

Want More?

See the rest of Howdini's genius rubber band hacks below!


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