Iridescent Decorating Ideas That Sparkle

Add a touch of glitz and glam to your home with iridescent decor. Try this pretty trend to inspire fun furniture, pretty tiles, sleek accents, and more.

Start shining with iridescent decor. Iridescent materials change color as light hits their surfaces—like soap bubbles in the sun. The result is a dazzling, out-of-this-world effect. We found the best ways to infuse iridescent decor into your home, plus tips for styling with the colorful trend.

Subtle Accents

Add color to a boring bookcase, coffee table, or any other surface using iridescent accents. A pretty vase is a perfectly modern pairing with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Metallic figurines and funky wall art complete the look. 

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Sitting Pretty

Cozy up with an iridescent ottoman. Whether you use it as a seat or a footrest, this plush iridescent piece is guaranteed to add multicolor style to your space. Pair it with other vibrant accents, like a patterned rug and pillows.

Shiny Utensils

Dine in style with iridescent tableware. The colorful shine adds a fun twist to plain table settings. Look for silverware, wineglasses, and plates with an iridescent finish to create an out-of-this-world tablescape. 

Green Envy

This glass shower divider adds a colorful glow to an emerald bathroom. The partition helps hide bathers from view without sacrificing style. Well-placed ceiling lights maximize the divider's iridescent effect. 

Mermaid Tile

Spend your days under the sea with mermaid-inspired iridescent kitchen tiles. This beautiful backsplash changes color as light hits the surface—just like a mermaid tail. Clear glassware and shelves let the tile stand out. 

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Light Filter

At first glance, this iridescent coffee table looks ordinary. But upon further inspection, you'll see the colorful reflection and dazzling surface that can only be found with iridescent glass. We love the simple yet stunning silhouette of the furniture piece, and the touch of trendiness it adds to the minimalist space. 

Catching Rays

This iridescent wall, reminiscent of a seashell, is guaranteed to turn heads. Hang it on a neutral wall and pair with plush pillows and metallic pendant lights for a cozy reading nook.

Light Bright

Add a layer of colorful light to any room with an iridescent pane of glass or plastic. This piece lines a short staircase and supports a handrail. Its reflective quality complements the setting, including a bright purple chair and modern wall art. 

On an Angle

Floating glass shelves, meet your match. These angled beauties intersect to add both visual interest and added structure. Their pastel iridescence is perfect for an airy beach home, contemporary loft, or modern home.

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Dark Rainbow

Iridescent furniture (that isn't made of glass) can be hard to find. After all, you're working with an opaque surface that isn't keen on reflecting colorful light. This dazzling piece, however, uses dark rainbow hues and a shiny surface to imitate iridescence. It's a sleek, subtle nod to the style. 

Mother of Pearl

Mother-of-pearl is the smooth, naturally iridescent matter that coats the inside of an oyster shell. It adds a little shine to your home, but the real deal can be expensive in large quantities. This pretty planter imitates the shine and natural hues of mother-of-pearl, and you won't pay a fortune.

Pretty in Pink

Sticking to a monochromatic color scheme helps iridescent materials stand out. This pretty pink shower tile changes color in sunlight, but its iridescent quality gives each tile a unique tint, even in the shade. 

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