Add your personal touch to velvet by embossing the material with pretty patterns. With a stamp, an iron, and a little water, you can add beautiful designs to your velvet accessories.

By Kate Carter Frederick

It's easy to revamp an old chair with paint. Take your makeover a step further by dressing the seat cover with soft, embossed velvet. When embossing, choose a print or pattern that suits your personality or design style. We chose a flower design to complement our chair, but any shape will do!

Ready to try embossing your own velvet? Follow these quick and easy steps. Think outside the box and experiment with different stamp designs and patterns to achieve a one-of-a-kind look you'll love.

What You Need

  • Rayon or rayon-blend velvet
  • Rubber stamp
  • Spray bottle of water
  • Iron 

Step 1: Prepare for Project

Gather materials. Any size rubber stamp with a bold, simple design and a thick wood backing produces excellent results. Rayon or rayon-blend velvets work best for embossing. Cut a swatch for testing before proceeding with your project.

Step 2: Spray Stamp with Water

Heat the iron to its cotton or wool setting. Do not use steam, and press with the part of the iron where there are no steam holes to avoid leaving impressions in the velvet. Lay the rubber stamp on the work surface, with the rubber image facing up. Use the spray bottle of water to lightly mist the rubber stamp and the back of the velvet.

Step 3: Iron

Place the damp fabric pile-side down on the rubber stamp. Press firmly with the iron 10-20 seconds.

Step 4: Soften or Erase if Needed

Once you've embossed the image into the velvet, ironing over it can soften or erase the image. Mist the rubber stamp and the back of the velvet as needed when repeating the design.

Step 5: Repeat or Complete Design

Emboss a single image, or repeat the steps to create a pattern. Embossed velvet can be dry-cleaned.


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