7 Easy Ways to Get the Look of Marble in Every Room

Bring a touch of elegance to your home with these easy accents and DIY projects inspired by the look of marble.

The characteristic colors and swirling veins of marble never go out of style. As much as we might love its look, the natural stone isn't always practical for some applications. But that doesn't mean marble is off limits outside kitchens and bathrooms. When it comes to interior design, marble is being reimagined with many colors and patterns, and it's popping up in all corners of the house. Tap into the style power of this sophisticated stone with these marble-inspired DIY projects and easy home updates. They can add a mix of upscale elegance and natural texture to every room of your home.

home decor candle sticks blue glass vase
Carson Downing

Dip-Dyed Accessories

Marble-pattern paints can revive all kinds of objects you have around the house, including planters, bookends, jewelry organizers, vases, and more. To create one-of-a-kind marble art like this masterpiece, fill a kiddie swimming pool with 1–2 inches of room-temperature water. Apply spray paint onto the top of water, lay art paper on top of water, and lightly press into the paint. Pull up from water and lay to dry. You can use the same technique to dip-dye accessories perfect for styling bookshelves or decorating the table for a special occasion.

bohemian-style bathroom vanity with green marbled wall effect
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Faux Marble Accent Wall

Whether in an entryway, home office, or bedroom, marble patterns lend a high-end look. Limit marble to an accent wall to prevent the pattern from overwhelming a room. Confident DIYers can try a hand-painted marble wall treatment or make quick work of a blank wall with peel-and-stick wallpaper.

large framed watercolor swirl artwork and bench
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Large-Scale Wall Art

Consider marble accents, furnishings, and finishes in unique and unexpected colors for this otherwise well known stone. One of the easiest ways to incorporate the pattern is with marble-inspired wall art. Make your own masterpiece with this DIY abstract watercolor canvas project or simply frame marble wallpaper or fabric samples. Modern adaptations still maintain the classic stone's simplicity, so you can confidently mix this style with other patterns.

doorway through closet with wallpaper ceiling
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Glamorous Ceiling Treatment

Beautiful ceilings turn an ordinary space into a showstopper. Moody black, lush green, or bold blue marble-pattern wallpapers add stunning earthtones to any room. If the space already has a lot of pattern or visual interruptions, a simple gray and white marble look with limited veining can add depth without distraction. For a glam neutral, choose a wallpaper with dramatic gold veining to mimic the pattern of marble.

water glass in tray on night table with gold lamp
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Small Marble Accents

If you love the little touch of luxury that comes with the iconic natural stone, try adding marble to your everyday accessories. Display your bedside treasures in style with this marble and wood tray made from a cutting board. Measure and cut contact paper to fit any surface you'd like to cover. Or craft homemade marbled clay coasters to get the look of marble in colors that match your decor but maybe aren't found in nature. If only real marble will do, look for coaster-sized marble tile samples, individual geometric tiles, or mosaic tile sheets that you can separate. Add felt feet to the bottom of the coaster (to protect furniture) and you've got marble accents that move easily from room to room when you want a quick style change.

black crackle white pillow on chair
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Cozy Stone Softgoods

Marble is a classic stone that complements natural materials and warm, rich colors. Nail the look, without all the hard edges, by incorporating soft marble-pattern accents like throws, duvets, and rugs. Or cozy up to a stone-look of your own making with thismarble-inspired pillow cover.

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