See how this throwback material got a modern upgrade perfect for any style. You'll wonder why it ever left the market!

By Hannah Bruneman
Updated: January 04, 2019

In case you haven't heard, terrazzo is back, and it's more stylish than ever. Terrazzo is most often used for flooring or wall treatments and is made from specks of marble, granite, glass, and other materials mixed with a binder. You might remember terrazzo as the speckled flooring in your grandmother's kitchen or from the bathroom countertops at many hotels and restaurants. 

The new wave of terrazzo looks a bit different, with modern influences slightly altering the look. Today's terrazzo has a wider variety of color and sizes that make the specks of materials more chunky and bold. The trend has inspired terrazzo look-alikes, such as wallpaper and pottery, too. See our favorite ways that people are incorporating terrazzo into their modern homes, below.

If tiling an entire wall seems a little too ambitious for you, consider purchasing temporary terrazzo wallpaper. This allows you to cover large areas without dipping into your budget and saving you some time along the way. Here, a soft-hued terrazzo pattern is reflected onto a white background. The pastel specks, mixed in with a few darker colors, is a playful design perfect for those drawn to lighter shades. When putting terrazzo on a wall, it is smart to color-match the trim and surrounding doors to one of the accents found in the terrazzo.

One of the beautiful things about terrazzo is how effortlessly it mixes with metals. The organic look of the quartz, marble, granite, and other materials makes terrazzo a perfect pattern to pair with gold, silver, or brushed metal. If you're feeling bold, you can even choose to mix your metallics. Here, gold accents in the light fixture and on the counter shimmer next to a terrazzo wall. For best results, choose a metal that pulls out the natural colors in your tile.

It seems everyone these days is trying to define the new neutral. With grays and creams becoming more popular, today's design is all about subdued style, like this muted terrazzo flooring. From a distance, it looks like a simple gray tile. However, upon closer inspection, you'll see the flooring is actually made up of tiny granite, marble, and glass pieces. The subtle pattern pairs well with matte black cabinets and natural wood furniture. White walls continue the clean look of this dining space for a Scandinavian aesthetic.

If you're an avid bath bomb collector or face mask aficionado, you need a bathroom that suits your spa day. Line your bathroom walls with terrazzo tile for a luxurious bathing experience. The speckled look reminds us of the cool marble and granite floors at our favorite spa. With a surface that is smooth to the touch, you'll feel so relaxed in a shower accented with terrazzo. Take it to the next level with an extra-large rain showerhead.

Incorporate terrazzo into your home with beautiful pottery pieces. Found in cups, plates, candles, and more, terrazzo proves a stunning material for household items. If the small specks of color are too much for you, consider layering your terrazzo accent with neutrals. Placing a solid white salad plate over this terrazzo-inspired plate will tone it down while still adding a fun tablescape twist.

Liven up your living room with an on-trend terrazzo table. Its surface can be customized to fit a number of colors and styles, while the metal base can be painted to match. A project like this can be small enough to hold just a few glasses, or large enough to use as a coffee table and be the focal point of the room. No matter what you choose, it is sure to impress your guests. To see how it's done, take a look at the steps from Martha Stewart.


Comments (4)

January 25, 2019
Love, love terrazzo!
January 25, 2019
Wow you picked what I & my friends would put child’s bathroom terrazzo! I have seen some new terrazos that would give a quartz marble or granite a run for Its money very beautiful some even mimicked quartz with turquoise veins! I will use these new Terrazos in my bath remodel for tub & shower surrounds and face bowl counter tops.
January 25, 2019
Awful, this dated stuff will never make a comeback. I agree with janythw, grandma's house.
January 25, 2019
Still looks like Grandma's kitchen or a Motel 6 counter to me.