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Simply Casual

Casual style is so desirable because it's completely unpretentious. You're all about warmth, hospitality and comfort, and this is exactly how you want your home to look and feel. Whether it's your clothes, cooking or decor, you want things to be easy and don’t fuss over the small stuff.

Comfort Food

If you take elements of traditional design, simplify them, pare them down and make them more approachable, you've got casual style. The fundamentals of this design are based on just what you'd think -- a casual lifestyle. Casual is synonymous with comfort, so your furniture should invite people to sit down and kick back, even at the dining room table.

Call Me Casual

Just like your favorite white T-shirt and green sweater, you want your home to feel welcoming and lived in, not museum like. If it looks great but feels less so, you'll pass. You usually shy away from the dark and dramatic. Bright and cheery colors and prints are much more in your wheelhouse.

At-Heart Traditionalist

Traditional spaces will always be in style because they're based on classic elements. We tend to feel good in such surroundings because of the sense of familiarity and history they provide. Nailheads and carved appliqués are just a sampling of the kinds of flourish you can expect. There is a respect for craftsmanship in traditional design, so pieces are rarely unadorned.

All In The Details

When it comes to design details, button tufting and scalloped edges make your list. In general, heavier fabrics and grand accessories are your preferred picks. Beautiful traditional spaces tend to strike a balance between upholstery and wood or metal, patterns and solids and dark and light colors.

Suite Dreams

If you're likely to gravitate toward traditional design you'll love the Wilshire collection. While it may be modern in convenience, the sheer grandeur of periods past can be seen in the elegant carving, latticework mirror and laminated marble inserts.

Working Style

This office sets traditional French farmhouse styling and delicious black and honey finishes lend themselves to so many different looks, so don't be afraid to experiment! If you feel energized in brighter spaces, try painting your walls a soft, golden honey. Add a patterned rug and wall art with similar colors, and let the sunny rays of inspiration focus you.

Crazy for Contemporary

Your motto is "less is more." And just like your wardrobe, your decor won't need any bells or whistles. You love anything with clean lines and tone-on-tone color palettes. When shopping for furniture and clothing, you're most drawn to expert tailoring. And whether you're picking up a dress or an accent chair, they'll feature graphic prints more often than not.

Chic and Sleek

The most definitive characteristic of contemporary design is its lack of detail, but that doesn't necessarily mean that everything is square or straight. A table or sofa may offer one big, strong curve, but then it'll typically be counterbalanced by straight lines. As for wood tones, contemporary design gets its gusto from contrast (think of a dark chocolate finish against metal or glass).

Easy on the Eyes

When it comes to contemporary, we have two words for you: simple and streamlined. While contemporary interiors often get a bad rap for what some describe as a "cold" feel, fans of the style would argue that contemporary's sense of order and lack of visual chaos provide restfulness. Since there are simple lines to work with, the occasional intricate piece here or there becomes amplified and can make a room-changing statement.

The Big Picture

If you favor contemporary styles, opt for a clean-lined wall unit to start. With touch lighting on display shelves, this option is a bright idea for spotlighting your favorite items. Continue the contemporary vibe throughout your room with modern seating -- a sofa with velvety fabric and an on-trend color palette will fit the bill. Likewise, accents with geometric patterns like this area rug make for stylish finds.

Team Transitional

Do you gravitate toward new things with clean lines but cherish the intricate family pieces that have been passed down to you? If perfection for you is a successful blending of styles, you're on team transitional. Transitional design focuses on taking all things classic and breathing new life into them. The recurring idea is to strip down something iconic to its purest form or to highlight the old by juxtaposing it with something new.

Very Versatile

As a fan of team transitional, you respect the craftsmanship and fine details of traditional pieces but are also still inspired by the minimalist approach of contemporary style. Ultimately, you like your home to feel worldly but still modern. You also love a neutral palette it looks clean and supports your affinity for mixing styles. And though you don't fear color, you prefer it in moderation.

Tastefully Transitional

Since this style is all about contrast, finishes tend to stick to one end of the spectrum -- espresso or ebony finishes on the dark end and natural on the light side. Birch and maple tend to be the wood species of choice because of their smooth, uncomplicated grains. However, a gorgeous old-oak table can also become updated when paired with simple modern chairs, so don't rule out all other woods. Remember, it's all about the context that you're placing the piece in.

Best of Both Worlds

Thanks to its well-conceived design and goes-great-witheverything oatmeal fabric, this set can literally work with any style or color scheme you can think of. This group features some of the best elements of both contemporary and traditional styles. Modern decorators will love the textured, oatmeal fabric and welting, while formal fans will fall for the nailhead accents and roll arms. And check out those pillows! Their solid, striped and floral prints offer plenty of design inspiration.

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